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Looking for a good BMW mechanic you can trust?

Look no further than European Service Center. We’ve been providing quality service and repair of BMW automobiles in Highland Park, University Park, and greater Dallas since 2012, and have been part of the EMC family for over 30 years.

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Associated with world-class engineering and superior design, BMW is considered a full-blooded thoroughbred of the automotive industry. They are born and bred in Europe, and renowned as top class the world over. BMW’s design team put a lot of effort in designing one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

What is under the hood is where the BMW’s superiority shines through. It contains pure performance driven technology and computer components of the highest standard. Going to a dealership for your standard BMW service can be very expensive, luckily, there are others that specialize in BMW repairs and BMW tune ups. In the Dallas or Fort Worth area visit European Service Center.

We have ASE certified technicians who are trained to work on your BMW, we give you the exact same standards and trained technicians as the dealerships. A trained BMW mechanic is is extremely familiar with all aspects of the vehicle and completely all necessary BMW tune ups and repairs. Our mechanics can do everything from something as simple as a BMW brake repair to the an analysis of the computer diagnostic system.

Regular maintenance and fixing small faults will increase your BMW’s life and keep it in top form. A trained BMW mechanic will help you by offering professional services that extend the life of your vehicle.

If you do not replace oil per manufacturers specifications, it will start to sludge and begin to gum up the engine, If it goes on too long then the engine becomes damaged and will need to be rebuilt or replaced, both of which are expensive options. A regular oil change by a BMW specialist will help keep your vehicle running at its best.

As with any modern vehicle, slight changes in the computer settings do occur, and if not regularly diagnosed these miniscule changes could go unnoticed until they have compiled into a large problem. A BMW service center with updated diagnostic equipment can correct these minor errors before they become an issue. A complete system diagnostic will also provide your mechanic with an opportunity to provide your cars computer with any software updates that may have been released by the manufacturer.

When looking for expert BMW care in the Farmers Branch area check us out. Located at 6020 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, we aren’t far from Irving or University Park. We have been servicing local BMWs since 2012 and have a combined service history of over 30 years.

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