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What isn’t there to love about a Land Rover? In honor of this excellent vehicle we have collected some fun facts about Land Rovers throughout history. Enjoy the trivia (the more you know).

• Maurice Wilks designed the first Land Rover. He was inspired by a an American World War II Jeep that he drove while vacationing in Wales.

• Early Land Rovers were only painted in military surplus colors. All the models were available in aircraft and fatigue green.

• The first Land Rover hit production in 1948, but has only been it’s own company name since 1978

• The millionth model of this great car was sold in 1976.

• Winston Churchill was a famous Land Rover owner, receiving one as a birthday present in 1954.

• While currently known for safety, the first Land Rovers actually used a wooden frame. Luckily they now use reinforced steel and are moving towards high tech aluminum.

• Speaking of aluminum, a crazy Land Rover mechanic actually tested an aluminum frame with a bunch of Oxford students in 1955.

• Land Rovers are one of the most converted and customized vehicles around. Some of the more popular designs include tractors, fire trucks, and ambulances.

• A unique feature to Land Rovers was called the Centre Steer. Introduced in 1947, this centrally mounted steering wheel and drive apparatus allowed a new kind of versatility both on and off-road.

• The name “Land Rover” came about in 1948, and has since expanded to include products like the Freelander and the Ran Rover Evoque.

• The classic Range Rover is one of the more popular Rover models and most highly recognized cars from sold from 1970 to 1996.

• The first Range Rover was sold in the United States in 1986.

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