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Look no further than European Service Center. We’ve been providing quality service and repair of Porsche automobiles in Highland Park, University Park, and greater Dallas since 2012, and have been part of the EMC family for over 30 years.

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We dream of owning a supercar. Cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin are all associated with speed, performance and a streamlined car design. Of course, the name omitted from this list is the one sports car that has really withstood the test of time. With very little variance over the years, the Porsche has always stood out from the rest. Who doesn’t dream of owning a 911 or Boxster? You are one of the lucky few who actually owns one.

Maintaining a supercar like a Porsche is not cheap. Parts and labor can really add up, and if the work is not done correctly, or the parts are cheap then you end up with an even more expensive bill as you attempt to correct the first mistake. This is why you need a Porsche service center with knowledge, experience and an excellent track record. You want one that knows Porsche inside and out, someone like European Service Center. A true Porsche mechanic will give you and your vehicle what you both need, peace of mind and proper care.

An excellent specialist will offer Porsche repair service where your beauty is taken care of from start to finish. An excellent specialist will utilize original replacement parts, advise you on minor Porsche tune up issues, such as a Porsche brake repair and the best oil for your vehicle. This is a supercar and not getting the best performance from the advanced engine will be a deadly sin. When looking for Porsche repair in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, look us up.

Increasing the longevity on your Porsche includes tires and the wear patterns on them, shocks ensuring proper road holding and braking and the chassis for stability control. This vehicle goes from 0-60 miles in a flash and the last thing you need is a vehicle that is all over the road because of bad tires or shocks.

Using an ASE trained Porsche mechanic ensures your vehicle is in great hands with the proper knowledge and hands-on experience to match.

For all your Porsche repair and maintenance needs as well as professional advice on it’s care and service, book an appointment with European Service Center. We have been serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Farmers Branch, Irving and University Park since 2012. We are part of the European Motor Car family and have over 30 years of experience to back our claims up.

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