What Are Some Common Rumors About European Cars?

It does not matter if you drive an elegant Porsche or a vintage BMW, all European cars require a certain expertise and experience for proper auto repair.  Yet, does your car need to be only serviced by the auto mechanics at the dealership? For many of us, we think the answer is yes. However, this is a very common myth among European car owners. When in reality, the answer is quite different. The team at European Service Center in Dallas is here to set you straight.


Dealerships are not the only auto repair shop in town capable of servicing your European car. You can bring your car to an independent auto repair shop trained and equipped in the service of European vehicles. Thanks to the Magnuson-Moss warranty act, you do not even have to bring your car to the dealership if it is under warranty.


It is common to think that dealerships are the only shops with the specialized equipment, tools, and technology. However, we at European Service Center boast the technology, tools, and equipment straight from Europe. To ensure the accuracy of our diagnostics, we even have a special device called oscilloscopes. Our auto mechanics are trained to read this device, which allows them to see and correctly interpret waveforms.


Sometimes, dealerships do not have the best reputation for genuine care and concern for their clients. At European Service Center, we are trying our best to change the stereotypes of auto repair shops. We will be honest and upfront with you, all while trying to protect your precious investment. After you read this blog post, we hope you are feeling a bit more educated about your auto repair options.


European Service Center goes that extra mile to ensure you are educated about the driveability and safety of your car. We are always here to answer your questions. With us on your side, you will always be in “the know,” so to speak. Our auto repair shop is located at both 5114 Tracy Street, Dallas, TX 75205 and 6020 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75235. To schedule an appointment at the Tracy Street location, call us at (214) 891-5495, and to schedule an appointment at the Cedar Springs Road location, call us at (469) 620-7030.