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Audi Repair Services – Compressor

Audi Compressor Repair

Audi cars are reliable and fast. But once in a while, they present issues with key components. As expected, problems with the car may arise because certain parts have reached their lifespan. But sometimes a car component becomes faulty due to misuse or lack of care. It is thus important to take your car for routine checkups and repairs. It is dangerous to ignore signs of damage to car components. One such component that should be closely monitored is the compressor.

The compressor is the core element of a car’s air conditioning and functions to compress the refrigerant gas to facilitate dispersion of cool gas during the air conditioner cycle. The compressor works in tandem with three other parts namely the condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. A defective compressor renders these other components useless because they cannot work without the initiator.

How to detect compressor problems

Apparent signs of compressor problems include: refrigerant leak (which should be tackled immediately when noticed as this can harm both your engine and the environment), AC not working, a strange noise coming from the AC (signal for a drying compressor), air not cooling or a strange smell coming from the AC. Visible signs of rust and physical damage are also signs of compressor failure.

What causes the compressor to fail

Causes of a faulty compressor may range from a clogged condenser to a defective compressor clutch, locked up compressor, low refrigerant level, a defunct pressure switch and vacuum leaks.

How do we repair a faulty compressor

Faulty air conditioning should be treated as a priority because the more you delay repairs, the more costs you incur as more complications will develop overtime. To diagnose an AC issue, we do a routine check to see if the compressor clutch switch, shear pin, wires, fan belt, fuses and compressor seals are functioning properly. We also make sure that no contaminants are found in the compressor oil. If a faulty compressor is damaged beyond repair, it would have to be replaced with a new one.


Brake Repair Services

Brake Repair

The use for brakes naturally arose when humans began traveling using transportation techniques other than their legs. Whether it is by land, air or sea, the need for brakes mitigates the risk of accidents which cause injuries and even death. With the popular rise of the automobile in the United States, accidents became a daily occurrence. However, two things occurred which increased fatalities: 1.) High-speed highways became the norm, and 2.) Vehicles became cheaper but more powerful.
Since fatalities from car accidents were on the rise, society realized that safety standards need to be developed and enforced to protect consumers. So, by 1970, the National Highway Traffic Administration was formed to combat the rise in fatalities and instill a culture of “safety first” in automobile design.
Recently, the NHTA is now adding the need for an Automatic Emergency Braking feature to qualify for a 5-star rating. So, having a well-designed braking system is a big part of an overall process of avoiding injury from car accidents. But how do car brakes work?

How Brakes Work

Understanding how brakes work will help you look out or any irregularities in your braking system, therefore increasing safety on the road for everyone. The braking systems of today use multiple sensors and electronics to stop a car as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, the primary braking system is still used.
When you press the braking pedal, that pressure moves a piston in the master cylinder, forcing braking fluid to enter the brake lines to the calipers and wheel cylinders. The force applied to the brake pedal is therefore proportional to the force applied to the pistons.
The calipers in disk brakes and wheel cylinders in drum brakes are connected to disk pads and braking shoes respectively. The pistons push the disk pads or braking shoes onto the rotor or wall, causing friction and resulting in the decreased rotation of the wheel.

Components of the Braking System

brakes, disk brakes, brake services

Braking systems include either disk brakes or drum brakes. Disk Brakes are comprised of a disc/rotor, calipers, disk pads and hardware necessary to mount the components to the car. The caliper is connected to the hoses and wires that send the braking fluid when the brake pedal is depressed.
brakes, drum brakes, brake services
Drum brakes are comprised of a drum/braking plate, brake shoes, a wheel cylinder, and hardware to mount the components. The wheel cylinder is connected to the hoses and wires send the braking fluid when the brake pedal is depressed.

Braking Fluid

Water used to be used as a braking fluid in the past. However, the braking process causes temperatures to rise past the boiling point of water. This causes water to vapor resulting in brake failure.
Braking fluid is a hydraulic fluid with a high boiling point. Hydraulic fluids are used to transfer power, in this case, from the pedal to the calipers and cylinders while surviving high temperatures caused by braking. Braking fluid also protects against corrosion of systems it comes in contact with.

When to Schedule your Car for Brake Services

This is what to look for to bring your car in for brake services:
  • Noise or grinding coming from the brakes
  • Brake pedal feels spongy or soft when pressed
  • Car veers a certain way when the brakes are pressed
  • Brake fluid level in the master cylinder is low
  • Brake system Warning Lamp is on

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Brake Services by European Service Center

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