At European Service Center we have been servicing European cars for over 30 years and we know how to keep them at their optimum performance level. Come to us for all your BMW repair needs and we will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and comfortably for years to come.

Our ASE certified mechanics will do everything from basic tune-ups to full scale engine rebuilds.

Richard Provencio - Service Manager | European Service Center - Uptown

Richard Provencio

Operations Manager

Richard has worked at European Service Center for 4 years.

He enjoys taking something that is broken and making it new again.

He loves to learn and help people, and he gets to do that every day!

Dominic Gomez - Technician | European Service Center - Uptown

Dominic Gomez


Dominic is a former Master Certified Tech with Mercedes Benz that has 15 years in European Experience.

Ryan Yates - Technician | European Service Center - Uptown

Ryan Yates


Ryan has always had a passion for anything mechanical.

He remembers being 6 or 7 years old and getting grounded for taking apart the lawn mower because Dad had to pay to get it fixed.

Beyond that, he has been around dirt bikes, boats and fast cars, doing several restorations at home in the garage.

This passion has developed into a fun career.

David Stallsmith - Technician | European Service Center - Uptown

David Stallsmith


Dave has worked with European Service Center since 2006 but left in 2013 to try a new adventure only to return to his home away from home in 2017.

He had his first wrench in his hand by the age of 3 and turned his hobby into his profession as a teenager.

His favorite European Car is a Porsche 911, but the Chevy Corvette always has a special place in his heart.

He is a licensed pilot and training to become an airline pilot.

You will find him tipping his wings to his friends below in his free time!

Tony Sommer - Assistant Service Manager | European Service Center - Uptown

Tony Sommer

Assistant Service Manager

After graduating high school, Tony enlisted in the Marine Corps and served with the 3rd Light Armor Recon Battalion.

It is there that he began working on cars in his free time for other Marines wives while they were on deployment.

Tony then enrolled in Lincoln Technical Institute. After graduation, Tony started working with BMW/MINI for 7 years.

He later went to work for Mercedes-Benz for several years, and has since transitioned over to the management side of the auto industry.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys being with his wife and 2 daughters.