Houston Mercedes Sprinter Auto Service

Are you looking for an auto mechanic to take a look at your Mercedes Sprinter in Houston, TX? If so, you need an auto shop that has experience working with these types of vehicles. Sure you can take it into any ole auto shop, but why not take it to a shop that works specifically with these kinds of cars? At European Service Center, we are able to work with a large range of European cars, especially Mercedes Sprinters, so if you need Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service, you can rely on our team of auto mechanics to help you. To get more information about our services, please contact our office at (469) 453-5800!

Auto Maintenance Service

As a Mercedes Sprinter owner, one of the best ways to keep this car in shape is by getting routine maintenance. General car maintenance is recommended every 3,000 (or based on the car’s manual), so if you don’t remember the last time you had your car maintained, it’s probably a good idea to call us for auto maintenance. Car maintenance is important as it decreases the chance of repairs and keeps your car run as smoothly as possible. There are other reasons why maintenance is one of the most essential things you can do for your car, which includes maintaining the value of the car, keeping the car safe to drive, protecting the warranting, helping protect the environment, providing good gas mileage, and saving you money. If you are interested in auto maintenance for your car, call us for the best Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service. These are some of the auto maintenance services we offer our clients.

Auto Repair Service

Even though its something we don’t want to deal with, auto repair is something that is needed from time to time. Some of the biggest causes of car repair are lack of maintenance as well as the age of the car. Auto repairs can be a stressful thing to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be when you contact European Service Center for assistance. Our trained and certified mechanics are able to take a look at your Mercedes Sprinter and determine what type of repairs it needs and fix it immediately. We are not about wasting anyone’s time or money, so we get straight to the point and provide your car with the service it needs. Whether you need a minor car repair or a major car repair, our auto mechanics are able to handle it. When you need repairs for your Mercedes Sprinter, dial (469) 453-5800! We are the auto shop you can depend on for quality Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service.

Problems Mercedes Sprinters Face

Mercedes Sprinters have issues that are going to be specific to them, that is why it’s important to call a mechanic who works with these car models. European Service Center work strictly with Mercedes Sprinters, as well as other European car makes and models, so our mechanics know what to look for when your car is having issues. There are a couple of issues that Mercedes Sprinters have that all car owners need to be aware of so they can take their car in at the first sign of trouble.

DEF Heater

DEF Heater Issues

When it gets colder outside, the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) has a heater that allows the DEF to stay at a normal temperature and not freeze. When this type of heater becomes defective or burns out, it can cause issues with your car. If you are experiencing issues that you think are related to your DEF heater, please call European Service Center at (469) 453-5800! We will be able to inspect your car and provide it with the necessary Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service that it needs.

Glow Plug

Glow Plug Defects

In order for diesel engines to start up, they need supporting components to work properly. One of those components, a glow plug, is used to help the engine start in the cold weather. The glow plug heats up and its one of the parts that makes it possible for a diesel engine to start up without issues. The problem with glow plugs is that they won’t last and they can break off in the cylinder head. If your Mercedes Sprinters engine is having a hard time starting in the cold, contact us at (469) 453-5800! It might be the glow plug, in which case, we can offer the best Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service to repair it.

Torque Converter

Torque Converter Problems

One of the most annoying issues that a Mercedes Sprinter has is when the torque converter becomes worn out. The problem lies with the torque converter lock up clutch, as it can start to wear out and cause rumble strip noise, which is when the car starts to shudder and shake. If you are having car problems where it feels like you are driving over a rumble strip, call us at (469) 453-5800! An inspection will determine if you need Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service for your torque converter or if something else needs to be fixed.

Call Us for Houston Mercedes Sprinter Auto Service

If you are interested in professional auto repair, maintenance, and replacement services for your Mercedes Sprinter in Houston, TX, call the certified mechanics at European Service Center. No matter if your car is making weird noises or you need general maintenance, we are more than happy to help you. We understand that for a lot of people, auto service can be overwhelming; when you work with us, we go above and beyond so that you get the auto service that you need for your car. We will walk you through the whole process and make sure to update you with any new developments. Get in touch with us at (469) 453-5800 for expert Houston Mercedes Sprinter auto service.