Saab Service & Repair

Look no further than European Service Center. We’ve been providing quality service and repair of Audi automobiles in Highland Park, University Park, and greater Dallas since 2012, and have been part of the EMC family for over 30 years.

Experience. Integrity. Knowledge.

No job is too simple or difficult for our highly qualified ASE Certified technicians

  • Oil Filter Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Emissions Repair
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Brake Repair
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Service and Repair
  • Suspension and Steering Repair
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Mufflers and Exhaust
  • Starters and Alternators
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Engine Diagnostic Testing
  • Engine Repair’ Overhaul and Rebuilding
  • Engine Replacement
  • Cooling System Service and Repair
  • Brake and Lamp Inspections
  • Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injection, Fuel System Repair
  • Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement
  • Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair
  • Transmission Differential, Clutch Service and Repair
  • Transmission Service

*Some makes and models may vary.

Owning an Audi signifies class, superior design, performance and durability. It is one of Germany’s top three vehicle brand names and has grown immensely in the last decade. Ensuring that your Audi’s longevity is at its peak, maintenance is of utmost importance. It is a higher priced vehicle and its parts are in the higher end of the pricing spectrum. An Audi will last a very long time, provided you take responsibility in its maintenance and repair. For this reason, alone you need an automotive service and repair center that knows European vehicles and has experience with Audis, such as European Service Center in Dallas.

A proper Audi service is not a weekend driveway job. This is a top of the range vehicle that needs proper tender loving care. Proper Audi Maintenance will lead to less Audi repair in the future.

Properly Trained Audi Technicians

An Audi mechanic must be ASE certified to service one. While changing oil and an air filter is easy work, an Audi comes with delicate computer components and electrics. A properly trained mechanic is able to perform proper diagnostic work such as an Audi tune-up.


It is of vital importance that if your Audi has a breakdown in the Fort Worth area, that you take it to a company that has the right equipment and tools. We have the proper diagnostics with up-to-date software to ensure you receive proper maintenance and repairs.

Service and repair

You cannot take chances when it comes to an Audi service or repairs in Farmers Branch. You need a well-established company that will ensure all settings are correct and where repairs need to be performed such a Audi brake repair, that the company only utilizes genuine parts. With over 30 years of collected experience, we are the shop you need to visit.


An Audi has complicated electrical components that need to be serviced by a qualified Audi mechanic. At European Service center, we ensure that only trained personnel work on your vehicle.

Tires, shocks and batteries

Checking these components is vital in the overall longevity of your Audi. Tire wear patterns are an indication of other problems. Excessive swaying could mean your shocks are worn. Next time you looking for a qualified Audi technician in the Irving area, check us out.

For all your Audi repair and maintenance needs, book an appointment with European Service Center. We have been serving Dallas, and the University Park area since 2012.