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When You Need a Mechanic That Specializes in European Automobiles, Contact Our Team!

What separates the seasoned professionals at our Alpharetta service center from others in the local community? To start, each of our mechanics is thoroughly trained and equipped to service European car brands specifically. Why limit ourselves to these brands? Because we want to provide outstanding service and impeccable results when we manage your vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Our convenient array of services also make our automotive team one of the most helpful in the state. Whether you need to schedule a simple tuneup or a complete engine overhaul, you can rely on our experienced professionals to get the job done! However, you shouldn’t just take our word on the matter. See what local drivers like you have to say about us in the reviews section. When you’re ready to get started on your vehicle checkup, simply call us and schedule your personal appointment!

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European Auto Care in Alpharetta, GA

With years of experience and the latest technical knowledge under our belts, you can expect lasting results for your European driving machine. We support all the major brands. For more information about popular solutions or keeping your car in top condition, check out the pages in the links below.

Brands We Serve

  • Mercedes Auto Service Maintain that eye-catching luxury you’ve grown accustomed to by having your Mercedes serviced by a local specialist.
  • BMW Auto Service Continue that exhilarating driving experience by keeping your BMW in great condition. Schedule your seasonal maintenance visit!
  • Land Rover Auto Service From suspension replacement to automatic transmission maintenance, we’ll provide all the care your Land Rover needs.
  • Jaguar Auto Service Find all the crucial services your Jaguar needs to stay at peak performance here at our Alpharetta service center.
  • Porsche Auto Service Need to bring your lovely Porsche in for service? Ask about our convenient general maintenance package!
  • Audi Auto Service From major repairs to simple tuneups, our team will happily work to keep your Audi in top condition.
  • Volkswagen Auto Service Enjoy your faithful Volkswagen for many years to come! Schedule your seasonal maintenance checkup today.


Convenient Maintenance Service

An Engine Block With Hood Up for Inspection

Our Professionals Can Provide Service Tailored to Your Vehicles Specific Needs.

From our impressive general tuneup package to our more specialized services, our team at the European Service Center works to make car maintenance as convenient as possible! We value your time and your investment into the health of your vehicle. That’s why expanded our services over the years, so that you can rely on us for all your service needs. Our solutions include:

Thanks to the helpful maintenance schedule inside your owner’s manual, you can easily keep track of when your car requires maintenance. When it’s time to schedule your tuneup, call our team at (770) 664-9222 and arrange an appointment at a date and time that’s conducive to your busy lifestyle! We can’t wait to serve you.

Importance of Timely Maintenance

What makes seasonal maintenance so critical for the health of your vehicle? For one, it allows your European driving machine to continue operating at peak efficiency. Otherwise, you would likely notice problems with increasing braking time, lagging acceleration, rougher driving over bumpy terrain, and uncomfortably noisy engine operation (just to name a few).

Maintenance, especially fluid replacement, greatly reduces the stress on your engine as well. Fresh oil reduces the friction between metal parts, which slowly destroy each other without proper lubrication. Along with coolant, oil also moderates the temperature within your engine, keeping parts from overheating. As a result, consistent fluid changes extend the lifetimes of each of these parts, allowing for fewer part replacements. If you like saving money as much as we do, you’ll appreciate the lower repair costs!


Professional Vehicle Repairs

If You’re Concerned About Your Vehicle’s Functionality, Talk With a Professional About Repairs.

There are situations where vehicle malfunction goes well beyond the scope of maintenance. When that day comes for your car, you’ll want a European brand specialist handling repairs. Because of their intimate knowledge and experience with vehicles like yours, our specialists are uniquely qualified to perform repairs. That’s why local drivers continue to bring their most important repair needs to our Alpharetta service center!

While we provide outstanding results for all our clients, your decisions as the vehicle owner play a crucial role in your car’s long-term health. When a part malfunctions and interrupts your normal driving experience, your response ultimately determines whether your car gets relief or continues to break down. That’s why our team at the European Service Center encourages drivers to have their vehicles examined the moment they detect a potential problem. Even the smallest malfunctions can spiral out of control if left alone for too long.

Get your prompt vehicle repair (and peace of mind), simply by calling our team at (770) 664-9222. You can depend on our experienced mechanics to quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it for lasting results.

When to Schedule Repairs

So how do you know when to bring your car in for a diagnostic? There are many telltale symptoms that will let you know. If you’ve been driving your current vehicle for some time, you may have already noticed warning signs without even realizing it! Keep your eyes open for the following:

  • Your car produces unusual noises when you accelerate or brake.
  • There are growing fluid stains from leaks in the driveway.
  • Your engine gives off a strange burning or sweet smell.
  • Accelerating onto the highway has become noticeably slower.
  • You hear the engine misfire when you turn on the car.
  • The exhaust pipe emits unusual dark smoke.
  • Your temperature gauge often shows the engine getting very hot.
  • Typical driving gets much rougher, either when accelerating or going over bumpy terrain.
  • Your brakes take much longer to bring the car to a stop.
  • Changing out of park comes with unusual difficulty.

Any of these symptoms indicates a potential part failure that’s cause for concern. Waiting too long after noticing these symptoms could lead to even more serious system failures, including partial and complete power loss. Rather than letting the problem get worse, call our Alpharetta service center and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Arrange Your Car Service Today!

If your vehicle is behaving strangely, or if it’s simply due for a tuneup, give our friendly staff a call at (770) 664-9222! You’ll find our mechanics very insightful and attentive to the needs of your European driving machine. See for yourself why so many local drivers come to our Alpharetta service center for all their maintenance and repair needs.