Alpharetta Jaguar Auto Service

Jaguar vehicles are known for their incredible dependability as well as their smooth ride and stylish exterior. These vehicles are the epitome of class and require specialized skills, equipment, and parts to properly maintain and repair. When your Jaguar needs service, you don’t want just any mechanic to complete the job; you want a mechanic that’s experienced and knowledgeable in the repairs you need. The European Service Center team delivers first-class auto care throughout the local area to ensure that your vehicle is always performing at its best. When you need Alpharetta Jaguar auto service that you can depend on, call the European Service Center experts at (770) 664-9222.

Jaguar Maintenance

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The key to your Jaguar running its best is proper maintenance and service. Your Jaguar requires extremely specialized maintenance tasks at certain intervals of its lifespan to ensure efficient operation. These tasks don’t just ensure optimal driving capabilities, they also prevent wear and tear to its components. At European Service Center, we have the knowledge and know-how to complete all of your Jaguar maintenance tasks efficiently and conveniently to ensure that your vehicle is running as it should be. Along with basic diagnostics and inspection, we provide all of these maintenance services:

  • Brake Inspection
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Oil Change
  • Coolant Flush and Refill
  • Transmission Flush
  • Tune-Up
  • Fluid Check and Refill

When your vehicle requires expert maintenance, count on the professionals who know Jaguars. Call the European Service Center team for your Alpharetta Jaguar auto service at (770) 664-9222.

Jaguar Repair Services

Jaguar repair requires specialized training and certification in order to provide quality, warranty-compliant service. The European Service Center technicians have years of training and experience with every model of the Jaguar brand to ensure complete care and repair for your vehicle. Our experts will inspect and diagnose your vehicle effectively and efficiently, locating any problem or malfunction your vehicle may have. We will walk you through your repair options, delivering details about your repair and part options including information like cost, lifespan, and durability to ensure you always receive the service you expect. For reliable and affordable Alpharetta Jaguar auto service, call the European Service Center experts at (770) 664-9222.

Common Jaguar Repairs

While Jaguars are considered to be some of the most reliable and efficient vehicles available, they can have issues from time to time. The most common problems with the Jaguar brand include issues with secondary system components. While not severe in most cases, if the problems go unrepaired, they could lead to much more serious damages. Timely repairs are essential to keeping your Jaguar in excellent condition.

Control Arm Assembly

Control Arm Assembly

Used to connect the suspension to the frame, the control arm assembly keeps your wheels properly attached to your vehicle. The bushings used on these parts often wear out, leading to symptoms like steering wheel shakiness, clunking noise upon turning or stopping and accelerating, or poor handling. A European Service Center technician can quickly diagnose and repair your control arm to ensure your vehicle’s control and safety.

Front Crankshaft Seal

Front Crankshaft Seal

As the crankshaft in your vehicle turns, it moves your engine’s pistons, providing power to your vehicle. When the crankshaft seal leaks, you could be losing precious oil from your engine which can lead to multiple detrimental engine problems. If you have noticed your engine leaking oil from the bottom back section when your vehicle is running, you may have a crankshaft seal leak. Our experts can locate and repair your leak fast to get you back on the road.

Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Master Cylinder Malfunction

Your vehicle’s master cylinder applies hydraulic pressure to your brake assembly to release brake fluid when your pedal is pressed. When the master cylinder malfunctions it can lead to the improper application of brake fluid, causing stopping issues that can be very hazardous. If you have noticed that your brake pedal is easier to push or slowly sinks to the ground when pressed, you may have an issue with your brake master cylinder.


Differential Replacement

In most all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, a differential is installed to allow the wheels to move separately from one another, creating easier and better turning capabilities. A failing differential can cause wheel skipping, harder-to-maneuver turning, and other control issues. The European Service Center experts can provide complete differential repair or replacement to ensure superior handling for your Jaguar.

Whether you’re looking for Jaguar maintenance or you need repair services, the technicians at European Service Center can help. Our experienced professionals will walk you through each step of your service to ensure that you get no surprises. We explain your options to you so you are able to make the right choice for your needs and provide detailed descriptions of the work completed so you never feel out of the loop. Call the European Service Center technicians at (770) 664-9222 when you need Alpharetta Jaguar auto service that you can rely on.