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Land Rover offers excellent off-roading capabilities, coupled with a powerful suspension system to ensure you receive a pleasurable driving experience. Keeping up with maintenance requirements can be a challenge, but our dedicated team of specialists at the European Service Center has all the solutions you need to keep your car functioning at peak performance! Countless local Land Rover owners rely on our professionals.

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Professional Repair Solutions

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When it comes to European-manufactured vehicles, special training and experience are essential for getting long-term results out of repairs. That’s why our experts at the European Service Center are intimately acquainted with Land Rover vehicle design and care requirements. This knowledge enables our team to provide fine-tailored, long-term solutions for your automobile.

Below, you’ll find some of the most critical repair solutions we provide at our Alpharetta Land Rover auto service center. These services address common concerns that local drivers face each year. If any of the symptoms we describe remind you of problems you’ve encountered, talk with one of our professionals ((770) 664-9222) about scheduling a checkup for your Land Rover.

Parking Brake

Parking Brake Alignment

Your parking brake depends on mechanisms that are separate from your ABS braking system. This is for your safety in unlikely case your regular brakes malfunction. That doesn’t mean that your parking (or emergency) brake doesn’t have its own share of challenges. Because Land Rovers are so widely utilized for their off-roading capabilities, it’s fairly common for parts to come out of alignment.

When it comes to your parking brake, this could mean an increasingly jerky sensation as you park. Should the misalignment become severe, the emergency brake could fail entirely. Of course, this would be a serious problem for drivers who regularly park on an incline. As a side note, the steering column may also have alignment issues after years of bumpy roads. When the column presses against the wiring of the air bag system, it puts the driver at risk of premature deployment.

If you have concerns about the condition of your parking brake or steering column, be sure to discuss them with our local Alpharetta Land Rover auto service team.

Air Suspension

Suspension System Repairs

Air suspension systems offer an outstandingly smooth ride across rough terrain and bumpy roads. They rely on a large number of moving parts, which does make the vulnerable to the occasional part failure. When this occurs, swift repairs are essential to prevent accelerated degradation in other parts of the suspension system. Otherwise, you could be left with a growing number of repair visits.

Rather than repair the air suspension, some Land Rover owners prefer to switch to a traditional springs system. This means the vehicle has to be retrofitted to function with the new system. Whichever system best suits your needs, our team at the European Service Center is happy to support you with repairs.

Engine Fluids

Engine Leak Repair

While oil and coolant leaks aren’t unique to Land Rovers, they do have a devastating impact on your vehicle’s performance and safety. Our team conveniently provides solutions to detect and fix fluid loss at our Alpharetta Land Rover auto service center! Timely repairs and fluid replacement will protect drivers against the worst side effects of leaks.

Besides the typical dripping fluid, what sort of symptoms may owners experience if their vehicle begins to leak?

Depending on the location of the fluid loss, oil or coolant may get trapped on top of the engine block. This causes the car to emit unpleasant smells beneath the hood (smoky for oil, moldy for coolant). The most serious symptoms are those produced by your engine overheating. Without the coolant to absorb heat and oil to prevent part friction, engine parts begin to degrade quickly. This leads to strange sounds, such as scraping. Overheating will also trigger safety sensors in the engine block, which in turn will cut off higher gear function or completely shut down the vehicle.

If you’ve detected fluid dripping out of your Land Rover’s engine, or if the Check Engine Light activates, be sure to bring the problem to a trained professional at the European Service Center. While minor leaks won’t transform into total engine failure overnight, these problems must be dealt with to avoid accelerated part failure. Keeping your car safe (and in good condition) is certainly worth the leak repair.

Land Rover Maintenance Solutions

Continued maintenance is key for long-term functionality and performance. At the European Service Center, you’ll find convenient general maintenance and other helpful solutions. Other services include:

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