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A Mercedes in the Shop for Maintenance

Check Your Maintenance Schedule in Your Owner’s Guide to See if Your Vehicle is Due!

Leave it to German engineering to produce a vehicle that offers incredible performance and classy design! While keeping your car in excellent condition may take a bit of effort, your Mercedes’ eye-catching style and dependability is worth it. Our team at the European Service Center will make caring for your vehicle even more rewarding, with timely maintenance and impeccable repair services.

Why entrust your machine to the professionals at our Alpharetta Mercedes auto service? Each of our mechanics is intimately acquainted with the design and maintenance needs of European automobiles. In other words, you’ll receive tailored care from specialists with years of experience. If you still aren’t confident in our abilities, see what local drivers have to say about us in the reviews. You’ll quickly see how many of our clients return to us for all their service needs.

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Tailored Mercedes Maintenance

What sort of maintenance solutions can you find at our Alpharetta Mercedes auto service? Our general maintenance service offers a full-service inspection, accompanied by fluid changes (oil, coolant, brake, and transmission). As part of your package, your tires, air bag system, belts, hoses, and valves will also receive a close assessment and adjustments.

We conveniently offer many additional services for keeping your Mercedes at peak performance. These include:

All of these car care solutions, all available in one place. If you’d like to have your Mercedes examined and tuned up, contact our European Service Center team at (770) 664-9222 to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to serve you!

Professional Repair Solutions

Mercedes From Behind

Our Maintenance Package: a Full Inspection, Fluid Checks, and More!

When the day finally comes, who do you want operating on your Mercedes? You could take it to a generalized mechanic, or you could bring it to a knowledgeable specialist. Only one knows the ins and outs of your Mercedes. Only one provides the consistently excellent results that you desire.

At the European Service Center, we care for your automobile as if it were our own. That’s why we take our time to thoroughly assess your vehicle and understand the underlying cause behind each malfunction. That’s why our repairs provide long-term results, and why so many drivers come back to us for all their service needs.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common repair solutions our team offers at the Alpharetta Mercedes auto service center. The related problems affect many countless owners across the States. If you recognize any of the symptoms we describe, be sure to contact our team at (770) 664-9222 and bring your car in for a checkup. 

Rotor Replacement

Brake Rotors and Other Repairs

Your brake rotors work hand in hand with the brake pads to bring your vehicle to a stop. As you press on the brake pedal, the pads push against the rotors, applying friction to slow wheel revolution. The rotors should last roughly three times the lifespan of the brake pads. Sadly, this is not always the case.

In some Mercedes vehicles (especially in models from pre-2012), the brake pad material has an abrasive effect on the rotors. This greatly accelerates the degradation of the rotors, which in turn need replacement earlier than intended. Some owners have reportedly been forced to replace their rotors every time the pads are changed out.

A few other drivers have experienced early ABS system failure. The ABS system ensures a smooth and timely braking process when you press on the pedal. As fluid becomes contaminated with airborne moisture and other particulates, drivers face two problems. One: the fluid wears at a faster rate. Two: the ABS system has a more difficult time stopping the car. Before this becomes a serious issue for your vehicle, be sure to bring it into our Alpharetta Mercedes auto service center for a brake fluid flush. 

Ignition Repair

Ignition Repair and Part Replacement

Ignition problems affect many car owners across the state. As the name implies, this engine subsystem is responsible igniting the fuel-air mixture inside the combustion chamber. Malfunctions here can have ramifications for your entire vehicle. Common symptoms of a malfunctioning ignition system are:

  • Deteriorating Fuel Economy
  • Smokey Car Emissions (Engine Block or Exhaust Pipe)
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Backfiring in the Tailpipe
  • Weak Acceleration
  • Stalling on the Road
  • Vehicle Refusing to Start

As with many engine problems, ignition malfunctions only get worse with time. Make sure you talk with a professional from the European Service Center before the situation gets out of control. 

Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair or Replacement

While a healthy transmission system facilities a smooth, pleasant shift from gear to gear, a damaged system does just the opposite. Shifting becomes increasingly scratchy and rough, even though your car does it automatically. This makes entering the highway especially intimidating, as the car takes longer to get into gear and accelerate. For some, their vehicle’s refuse to even get out of park.

If your automatic transmission system is growing increasingly slow or aggravated during shift changes, you need to talk with a professional while your vehicle still functions. Our team at the Alpharetta Mercedes auto service will quickly diagnose the problem and find a long-term solution.

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