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Caring for your wonderful Porsche requires a commitment to timely maintenance and repairs. Without these elements, your vehicle may experience a gradual drop in performance. Thankfully, our team at the European Service Center makes caring for your car easier than ever before with a wide range of convenient solutions!

What sort of solutions can you find at our Alpharetta Porsche auto service? We offer:

Whether you’ve experienced noticeable drops in car performance or it’s simply time to get the oil changed, our team will be thrilled to assist you! You can arrange your personal appointment by contacting our team at (770) 664-9222. You’ll quickly see why so many local drivers come to our professionals for all their maintenance needs.

Repair Solutions for Your Porsche

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Our Mechanics Specialize in Porsche Cars and Other European Brands!

When your Porsche urgently needs repairs, would you rather have a generalized mechanic or a knowledgeable specialist working on your vehicle? Each of our trained experts is intimately acquainted with the workings of Porsche vehicles. That includes the latest models and common repair requirements of older machines. If you appreciate experience and long-term results, our professionals at the European Service Center are the ones to call!

Below, you’ll find some of the critical repair services we supply at the Alpharetta Porsche auto service shop. Each service is accompanied by the part malfunctions that necessitate the repairs, plus symptoms you may encounter if your vehicle is ever affected. Should any of these signs sound familiar, be sure to call our staff at (770) 664-9222 and arrange a checkup for your Porsche.


Engine Emission Services

Emissions are governed by several portions of your vehicle. Proper functionality in the ignition system and combustion chamber ensure that no extra fuel escapes the engine block. Your exhaust lines carefully transport the byproducts of the combustion process towards the tail of the car. Finally, the catalytic converter transforms these harmful byproducts (Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Monoxide) into safe gases and water.

When it comes to Porsche vehicles, one common emissions problem is actually the result of human error. Some models have an unusually large pan for storing oil. Generalized mechanics who aren’t familiar with this design anomaly overcompensate during oil changes. As a result, fluid seeps out on top of the engine, where high temperatures cook the oil and produce smoke.

A faulty oil separator may also cause unusually dark emissions, as excess moisture and air escape into the oil line. This is dangerous for your engine! Extra moisture leads to a buildup of sludge, and the air bubbles interfere with oil’s lubricating efficiency. The warning sign you can look for is dark smoke coming from the tailpipe. Should you notice this unsettling symptom, bring your vehicle in to our Alpharetta Porsche auto service for an emissions checkup!


Automatic Transmission Repairs

Automatic transmission is a feature too often taken for granted. The transmission system enables your Porsche to shift between gears in a pleasant and timely manner. Isolated part failure or fluid leaks however, can upset the normal function of this system.

How can you tell if your automatic transmission is breaking down? First, you’ll likely experience jerking motion and potential delays as the vehicle attempts to shift gears. This is especially noticeable at higher gear changes as you accelerate on the highway. As the part failure or fluid loss worsens, you may even struggle to get out of park. Should you detect any of these symptoms, be sure to contact our team at the European Service Center quickly and arrange repairs for your Porsche.

Vehicle Fluids

Engine Leak Repair & Fluid Replacement

Do you know how your engine protects itself in the event of an oil or coolant leak? There are a series of sensors that oversee the function of your engine. These report to the electronic control unit (ECU). When the engine overheats as a result of the fluid loss, sensors detect the rising temperature, and the ECU cuts off higher gear function to protect the vehicle. If the problem persists for too long, the ECU may even shut down the vehicle completely.

Coolant regulates internal engine temperature, which is why a faulty coolant distribution pipe is so problematic. This particular leaky pipe spills out onto the top of the engine block (rather than the ground), so it may take longer to identify. A musty smell produced by the burning coolant gives it away. Should you notice this scent or a rising engine temperature, be sure to consult one of the experts at our Alpharetta Porsche auto service!

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Our team at the European Service Center continues to provide outstanding results because our professionals are committed to careful vehicle examination and long-term solutions. You don’t have to take our word on the matter though. See what local drivers like you have to say about our services in the reviews section!

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