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When it comes to German-engineered automobiles, we assume a high standard of performance and dependability. But Volkswagen also adds a unique flair of fun that makes driving your Beetle, Golf, Jetta, or other VW model all the more enjoyable! At the European Service Center, we offer dozens of helpful solutions to keep your reliable vehicle out on the road, running at high performance. Countless local drivers entrust us with their maintenance and repair needs. We’d love to serve you as well!

If your vehicle is due for a tuneup, or if it’s displaying worrisome symptoms, schedule a convenient service appointment at (770) 664-9222. You’ll appreciate the courtesy and insight of the professionals at our Alpharetta Volkswagen auto service center, but you’ll love our results even more. See what local drivers like you have to say about us in our reviews!

Special VW Maintenance Services

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Bring Your Volkswagen in for Your Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance!

One-size-fits-all solutions may work for some automotive services, but that’s not how we operate at the European Service Center. Each of our mechanics is specially trained and qualified to address your vehicle’s needs. That’s why we continue to provide outstanding results for our clients.

Volkswagen owners can enjoy our general maintenance package, which starts with a comprehensive inspection of your Volkswagen and ends with tailored adjustments to maximize your car’s performance. Of course, our team at the Alpharetta Volkswagen auto service offers quite a few solutions for keeping your vehicle in peak condition. You’ll conveniently find:

Experienced VW Repair Professionals

When general practitioners encounter a problem they aren’t familiar with, they refer the case to a specialist. When your Volkswagen is experiencing serious functionality concerns and performance loss, bring your machine to the Alpharetta Volkswagen auto service shop! Our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics have provided repair services for countless local VW drivers. Your vehicle will receive the respect and professional care it deserves.

Below, you’ll find just of a few of the many critical repair solutions our team supplies at the European Service Center. Should your Volkswagen display any of the symptoms of part malfunction we describe, be sure to contact our team at (770) 664-9222 and have your vehicle examined. Prompt repairs could save you thousands of dollars!

Leak Repairs

Engine Leak Repairs

One of the greatest detriments to the continued functionality and performance of your engine is fluid leakage (especially coolant and oil). As fluid levels drop below the minimum safety notches, engine overheating becomes an increasingly prevalent problem. Without oil to prevent inter-part friction or coolant to mitigate rising temperatures, part degradation accelerates at an alarming rate. Should the low fluid level(s) persist, the engine will ultimately destroy itself. Even if the ECU (electronic control unit) shuts off the vehicle before that point, your Volkswagen could still be in trouble.

Addressing fluid leaks early on prevents most of these unpleasant consequences. Should you ever suspect a fluid leak in your car’s oil supply or coolant line, talk with one of our professionals about examining your vehicle. Your personal VW expert will identify the cause of the leak and talk with you about your best repair options. Call our Alpharetta Volkswagen auto service to schedule your appointment!

Ignition Services

Ignition Repairs and Part Replacement

Did you know that a faulty ignition coil can actually affect the results of an emissions test? The ignition coil is responsible for converting your car battery’s charge to a higher voltage that is capable of igniting the fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. A malfunction here can have a couple of potential consequences. One: the car fails to start, even when the crankshaft turns. Alternatively, the ignition voltage may be weakened to the point that some fuel escapes through the exhaust system. This creates dark emissions that can cause your VW to fail a state inspection.

So how do you tell if one or more ignition coils need help? There’s the two symptoms above, of course. If the voltage is weakened, you may also hear an engine misfire while driving. Because a small portion of fuel won’t be burned correctly in the combustion chamber, your VW will also experience declining fuel economy. Be sure to contact a European Service Center professional if you are noticing any of these symptoms!

Transmission Work

Auto Transmission Repair & Replacement

Some older Volkswagen models experience an unusually fast decline in their automatic transmission system. Part malfunctions and inefficiencies come to a head around the 100,000 – 120,000 mile mark. While this is relatively rare, it is wise for drivers with older VW models to have their transmission system examined and serviced on a regular basis.

What symptoms might a driver experience if their transmission system begins to malfunction? First, you might notice a delay in automatic shifting as you attempt to accelerate. This can be particularly problematic when attempting to access the highway. Shifting may even become noisy, with jerking motions during gear changes. Some drivers have described situations where their vehicle refuses to get out of park. No matter which of these signs you encounter, be sure to take good care of your transmission and occasionally have it examined during an Alpharetta Volkswagen auto service specialist!

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