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See Why Countless Drivers Bring Their Maintenance and Repair Needs to Us!

If you are looking for an auto mechanic shop in Buckhead, GA, you can count on the professionals at European Service Center. We are a local auto shop that is able to offer reliable and effective services for your car. Whether you are requiring a much-needed tune-up or you need to get repairs for your car, we are the team to call! We have been in the auto service industry for many years, and we love what we do; we love being able to work with luxury cars, as well as helping car owners get their cars back in excellent shape. From major to minor repairs, and everything in between, there is nothing we can’t handle. To get in touch with our Buckhead service center, call our office!

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European Cars We Service

At our auto shop, we focus on working on European car make and models. These types of cars need specific service in order to keep them in the best shape possible, so if you are ever in need of repair or maintenance for your European manufactured car, our mechanics are able to help! Our Buckhead service center has the necessary equipment and tools in order to diagnose and repair these types of cars. Below are some of the cars we are able to service.

  • Audi Auto Service If you own an Audi that needs maintenance or repairs, call our auto mechanics today!
  • BMW Auto Service For maintenance or repairs for a BMW, you can rely on our team of mechanics to help you.
  • Jaguar Auto Service To keep your Jaguar in the best shape, get in touch with us today for maintenance and repairs.
  • Land Rover Auto Service Do you need maintenance or maybe repairs for your Land Rover? Look no further than our auto shop!
  • Mercedes Auto Service If you have a Mercedes and you want to keep it in great condition, call us to get maintenance or repair service.
  • Porsche Auto Service Is your Porsche acting strange or does it need a tune-up? Contact us now to make an appointment!e
  • Volkswagen Auto Service We are the Volkswagen service center to go to for all of your Volkswagen service needs.

If you need auto service for your car, please contact us today! We look forward to working with you and getting your car in the shape that it needs to be in.


Auto Maintenance

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Even High Performance Cars Require a Tuneup Every Once in a While! Schedule Yours Today.

As a car owner, one of the things that you always need to be on top of is the maintenance. When you get maintenance for your car, you can make sure that it’s in good condition. If you don’t remember when the last time you had maintenance was, take your car into European Service Center to get checked out. Our automotive shop places a huge emphasis on maintenance, as we know what an investment a car is. In order to protect your investment, we will service every inch of your car to guarantee that is runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Here are some of the services that we are able to offer our clients.

The team at our Buckhead service center will ensure you get the very best maintenance, so contact our office today to book an appointment with us.

Why Maintenance is Important

While maintenance is known for keeping our cars in good shape, there are other reasons why car owners need to invest in preventative maintenance. It says it in the name–preventative–which means that it can keep something from happening. With quality maintenance done by a certified mechanic, you are able to get a couple of things out of routine maintenance. The first thing that maintenance can do is extend the life of our cars. This is important as we want our luxury vehicles to last as long as possible. Another thing to know about maintenance is that it can keep you protected by ensuring that the car is safe to drive. Lastly, maintenance can maintain the value of your car. If you own a Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, or another luxury car, you want to make sure that the value doesn’t decrease and it won’t if you get professional maintenance. If you would like to get maintenance for your car, contact us by dialing (404)-554-4300.


Auto Repair

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Part Failure Can Have a Deep Impact on Your Car’s Performance, Making Repair Essential.

While we know that maintenance is crucial to the health of our cars, sometimes this type of service can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, when there has been a lack of maintenance, it will start to show and will affect the performance of your car. The best thing you can do in order to prevent further damage to your car is to get a professional repair service. Luckily, you can call on our vehicle repair shop when you are in need of repairs. Whether you have an oil leak or your car is pulling to one side, we can easily diagnose your car to find out why it’s giving you trouble and what auto service repair you need.

Our Buckhead service center has what it takes to offer high-quality repairs that will keep your car performing the way that it should. Some of the repairs that we are able to offer are automatic transmission repair, clutch repair, engine repair, ignition repair, water pump repair, and more! If for some reason a part is too damaged to be repaired, we will be able to replace it with a new part. Don’t wait! Call us whenever you are having difficulties with your car.

Signs You Need Auto Repair

For many car owners, there are times when they just don’t know when to take their cars in. Some signs are more obvious than others and sometimes your car might not exhibit signs at all. In order to get your car the best repairs, it is so important you know when your car needs to be brought into an auto shop repair. Below are some signs that indicate that car repairs are needed.

  • There are strange sounds coming from your car.
  • You notice that there are dark spots on your driveway that indicate there is a leak.
  • There is a musty or sweet smell in your car.
  • There is a ton of smoke coming from your exhaust pipe.
  • Your car is surging.
  • You are unable to get up to the speed that you want.
  • There is smoke coming from underneath the hood of the car.
  • Your car is shaking while you are driving.
  • One of the warning lights comes on.

If you have noticed something odd going on with your car, then you can take your car into European Service Center. We will be able to inspect it and get it the repairs that it needs. Call our team today at (404)-554-4300 and find out how we can help get your car back in excellent shape.

Call Our Local Mechanics Today

No matter what type of issue you are having with your car or what kind of service you need, you can always count on auto service center for help. We understand that car services can be hard to get done, but we promise you that your car is going to run a lot more smoothly once we are done with it. Using state-of-the-art tools, as well as having years of experience working with a wide range of European cars, we can provide you with the services that your car needs. To get in touch with our Buckhead service center, dial (404)-554-4300! One of our mechanics will provide you with friendly, honest, and reliable service, every single time.