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When you need auto service for your Land Rover, the auto shop to call is European Service Center. We are a professional auto mechanic shop that is able to offer high-quality Buckhead Land Rover auto service. Whether you need your oil changed or you need your transmission repaired, we are the auto mechanics that you can trust for all of your Land Rover’s needs. If you are interested in Land Rover service in Buckhead, GA, please call our office at (404)-554-4300. One of our team members will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for repairs or maintenance.

Land Rover Repair

A Look at a Land Rover's Interior

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Land Rovers are one of the best cars on the market, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to issues. This type of car is an investment and in order to protect our investments, we need to ensure they are in good condition. One way to get your Land Rover working the way it should is to get professional repair service. Our Buckhead Land Rover auto service shop is able to tackle any issue that you might have with your Land Rover. No matter if you are dealing with air suspension issues or the parking brake isn’t working, our Land Rover repair shop is here to help. We can provide your vehicle with a thorough inspection and determine where the issue lies. Once we know what is causing the problem, we will be able to repair it. Don’t wait! Call us today to get quality repair service for your Land Rover.

Common Land Rover Issues

Land Rovers are built to last and offer quality performance. While a Land Rover is one of the most sought after vehicles, it does have its share of issues. Many times a car can avoid having to get repairs by getting regular car maintenance. Unfortunately, car maintenance can be hard to stick to, so a problem that was once minor can turn into something major when ignored. This isn’t the fault of the car owner, as life can get busy and it’s hard to know when a car needs maintenance. However, when you notice something off about your Land Rover, call a Land Rover mechanic at European Service Center. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to identify the issue and repair it. Some of the most common problems you will find with a Land Rover is defective airbags, engine issues, electrical problems, and more. To make sure you get the best Range Rover repair, contact our auto repair shop at (404)-554-4300.


Engine Problems

In order for our cars to drive, they need their engine to be in the best shape. The job of the engine is to take gas and turn that into motion. To do this, an engine uses a four-stroke combustion cycle to ensure the gas makes the car move; The four-stroke combustion involves intake stroke, compression stroke, a combustion stroke, and exhaust stroke. While the four-stroke cycle is incredibly important, there are other parts and things that cause issues. One of the things that are an issue for a Land Rover is overheating. Typically, overheating occurs when a hose needs to be replaced, there is a leak, or the coolant can’t circulate correctly. Whatever the issue is that is causing your Land Rover to overheat, you can contact us for expert repairs!


Electrical Issues

When you pay for a luxury car, you want everything to work. Our cars are made of mechanical and electrical components, with the mechanical parts being a lot easier to diagnose and repair. Electrical parts are a little bit trickier because it involves using a computer to test the electrical components. Problems with the electrical system are pretty common in Land Rovers, which can be annoying when we depend on our electrical systems to power the car. If your car’s lights aren’t working, your car battery is giving you trouble, or the engine won’t crank as it should, you will need to get it repaired by a certified auto mechanic. At European Service Center we are able to help Land Rover owners who are having electrical problems.


Coolant and Oil Leaks

Because our cars are made up of various parts, they lubrication in order to perform as efficiently as possible. To lubricate different parts and areas of our cars, we use oil and other liquids. The most common oil and liquids that we use are for our engines and our cooling systems. The engine needs oil for the parts to move easily and to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat. The purpose of the coolant is to remove extra heat. Without the proper maintenance, both the engine and cooling system can form leaks. Another common issue with a Land Rover is that they are prone to leaks. If you notice liquid dripping from your car, please call our Buckhead Land Rover auto service shop! We will take a look at your car and see where the leaks are coming from and then fix them.

Land Rover Maintenance

To avoid frequent repairs, one of the best things you can do for your Land Rover is to get maintenance. Car maintenance is such a great preventative service for many reasons; car maintenance is able to maintain the value of your Land Rover, it can keep the vehicle in good condition so that it’s safe to drive, and it will make sure that the care is running smoothly and without issues. If you don’t remember the last time you had maintenance for your Land Rover, call our auto shop for Range Rover service. Our Buckhead Land Rover auto service includes maintenance that is able to keep your car in the best shape. Some of the maintenance services that we offer are:

To find out more about our Land Rover maintenance, just call our shop! One of our auto mechanics will be able to give you the information you need on a particular service.

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When you need a certified Range Rover mechanic to provide you with reliable and effective repairs, maintenance, and other services for your Land Rover, call the experts at European Service Center. We are the local Buckhead Land Rover auto service professionals that you can trust for all of your Land Rover needs. Make an appointment with us today by dial (404)-554-4300! We are ready to help you maintain your Land Rover and keep it in the best shape.