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If you have a Mercedes, you want to ensure that they are in the best shape possible. Our cars are an investment, so high-quality auto services are of the utmost importance. If you live in Buckhead, GA, the auto mechanics at European Service Center are able to provide you with Mercedes Benz repair and maintenance at a price that you can afford. Take your car into our auto shop today and speak with a Mercedes mechanic about our professional Buckhead Mercedes Auto Service. You can reach us at (404)-554-4300 in order to make an appointment or to ask more about the auto services that we can offer your Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Auto Maintenance

In order to keep your Mercedes running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, it is so important that you schedule regular maintenance for your Mercedes. While auto maintenance ensures your car is in good shape, it is also able to provide a couple of other benefits. Auto maintenance can keep you safe, as it will find any issues that are plaguing your car; maintenance will also maintain the value of your car, as well as prevent the need for costly repairs. If it has been a long time since you had your Mercedes inspected and maintained, you can rely on a certified Mercedes mechanic at European Service Center. We have the knowledge and experience to offer you dependable and effective maintenance. There are a lot of maintenance services that we can offer your Mercedes Benz, which includes

If we happen to find anything wrong with your car, we can provide it with Mercedes repair. To get more information about our maintenance service, dial (404)-554-4300 for the best Buckhead Mercedes Auto Service.

Mercedes Auto Repair

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A Mercedes is one of the most luxury car manufacturers in all of the world. They are known for their quality cars that provide exceptional performance, comfort, and class. While all of this is true, these superior cars will still need repairs. A lot of the time when cars need repairs, its because routine maintenance was not done. We don’t necessarily want to get our cars repaired due to time and money, but it is something that needs to be done in order to increase the value, safety, and operation of the car. The great thing is that European Service Center offers Mercedes car repair as part of their Buckhead Mercedes auto service. Whether you need Mercedes transmission repair or ignition repair, we are the experts that you can count on. Bring your Mercedes into our auto service shop and a Mercedes Benz mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem.

Common Mercedes Issues

We depend on our Mercedes’ to provide us with the ultimate driving experience. However, if the car isn’t running as it should, then you aren’t going to get a smooth, comfortable ride. A Mercedes car is an investment, one that will offer years of outstanding performance, so it is important to get repairs as soon as you notice a problem with the way your Mercedes is driving. Some of the most common problems with a Mercedes is the crankshaft sensor, the suspension, oil pressure switch, and ABS system. Bringing your car into our Mercedes Benz repair shop means your car will be up and running effectively as soon as possible.

Crankshaft Sensor

Crankshaft Sensor

If you are wanting your engine to run as efficiently as possible, then you will need the crankshaft sensor to work properly. The crankshaft sensor works alongside the crankshaft in order to send power to the transmission and get it running as it should. Because the computer in the car uses the crankshaft sensor to fire the spark plugs, it is so important that it is in good condition. Without a crankshaft sensor, the car won’t be able to turn on. Some of the things you will notice if there are issues with the crankshaft sensor is that the engine won’t start, the engine stalls or is really rough, you will have inadequate gas mileage, and your check engine light will come on. To avoid these issues from becoming worse, you can call our Mercedes repair shop for help. We are the leading Buckhead Mercedes auto service shop that can fix your crankshaft sensor problems.


Jerky Suspension

In order to connect your tires, spring, shock absorbers, and other things to your car’s wheels, you need a suspension system. The purpose of a suspension system is to ensure you have quality handling and ride quality. Since the suspension plays such a huge role in how our Mercedes Benz operates, having the suspension checked from time to time is essential. When a car’s suspension is not properly maintained, it can cause the suspension to pull to one side, feel very bumpy when you drive, makes it difficult to steer, and makes your car lower on one side. At European Service Center we are able to help you keep your Mercedes’s suspension working like it should with our repair service. Don’t wait, call us at (404)-554-4300 to set up an appointment.

ABS System

ABS System Issues

Nothing is worse than when you push on your brake pedal and that brakes lock up and skid. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen all too often because there is a system within our car called the anti-lock braking system or ABS system. The way that this system works is that it prevents your car’s wheels from locking when you are trying to brake. There are four components in the ABS system–controller, pump, speed sensors, and valve. If one of these is damaged or stops working, it will prevent the ABS system from doing its job effectively. If you have noticed that your ABS light is on, or that your brakes are locking up, the pedal is not responding, or you have to use a lot of effort to push the brakes, call our Buckhead Mercedes auto service shop for assistance. We can inspect the ABS system and provide it with the repairs it needs.

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Whether you need Mercedes Benz auto repair or maintenance, European Service Center is the place to call. We are known as one of the best authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops in the area, so if you need repairs or maintenance for your Mercedes, please call us today at (404)-554-4300. We are ready to work with you and get your Mercedes back in excellent shape.