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When we think of luxury cars, one of the first we think of is Porsche. Since its inception, Porsche has been building cars that are not only built to last but offer high-quality performance and comfort. If you have a Porsche and you are wanting to keep it in optimal condition, give European Service Center a call today! We are local experts for Buckhead Porsche auto service, so we are able to offer professional maintenance, repairs, and more. When you need a Porsche mechanic, give us a call today at (404)-554-4300!

Porsche Repair

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Bring Your Porsche in Today for its Seasonal Maintenance. You’ll Appreciate the Results!

While Porsche cars are built with high-quality materials and parts, they can still become susceptible to damages, as well as mechanical or electrical malfunctions. In order to remedy these issues and ensure they don’t become bigger, it is so important that you take your Porsche in for repairs. Our certified auto mechanics have worked with Porsche vehicles and other European models for many years, so we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the issue and get it repaired right away. It can be stressful going to a Porsche repair shop for services, but it doesn’t have to be! We ensure that using high-quality diagnostic equipment and innovative tools will get your Porsche running smoothly again. Give us a call today if you want to make an appointment or you have questions about our repair service.

Common Porsche Problems

Each car is always going to have their own set of specific issues and Porsche is no different. Since Porsches have pretty common issues, it is easier for our auto technicians to identify and then repair. The issues that you will see most of the time are cooling issues, engine issues, and problems with the IMS shaft bearing and ABS electronic module. If for some reason that’s not whats afflicting your car, our mechanics are prepared to offer comprehensive inspections to get to the bottom of the problem. If your Porsche isn’t running like it used to, call us for Buckhead Porsche auto service by dialing (404)-554-4300. We are able to provide the best Porsche auto repair in the area.

ABS Electronic Module

ABS Electronic Module

While the ABS (anti-brake system) is incredibly important to our car, it isn’t able to work correctly without the ABS electronic module. The purpose of this module is to run checks for the ABS system, as well as works with the wheel-speed sensors and the hydraulic brake system to decide brake pressure is needed. Its an essential part of the brake system and can be one of the parts that malfunctions in a Porsche. If your Porsche’s brakes are locking up, has a brake pedal that is not responding, or you have to work really hard to press the brake pedal, please call us at (404)-554-4300! We will inspect the braking system and determine where the issue lies.


Porsche Engine

In order to operate your car, you need the engine. The job of a car engine is to transform the car’s gas into motion. Without a properly working engine, the gas can’t turn the car on and you are stuck with a car that is unable to run. The most common issues that a Porsche has with an engine is that the engine will smoke due to a malfunctioning oil separator or the oil reserve has been overfilled. Whatever the reasons for your engine issues, you don’t have to worry! All you need to do is take your car into European Service Center and we will repair the problem right away! Just give our office a call at (404)-554-4300 and we will be happy to work with you by getting your Porsche back in great shape.

IMS Bearing

IMS Bearing

There are many components in our engine that make it work as efficiently as possible. One of those parts is called the IMS (Intermediate Shaft) bearing. The function of this part within the engine is to steer the camshafts off the crankshaft, which will reduce the speed of the chains and therefore helps keep the chain in good shape. In a Porsche, the issues that we will see with an IMS bearing is that it will fail due to a defective timing chain. In order to avoid complete engine failure, it is so important to take your Porsche in for general maintenance. This can prevent extensive damages to your engine and keep your Porsche running as it should. To set up an appointment, call us at (404)-554-4300.

Porsche Maintenance

A Porsche Awaits its Regular Service

Our General Maintenance Package Makes it Easy to Keep Your Porsche in Top Condition!

One way to guarantee that your Porsche is running like it is supposed to is by calling us for car maintenance. The purpose of maintenance is to not only check your car and make any adjustments but its also important because it extends the life of your car and maintains the value of the car. Because a Porsche is an investment, we want to take care of our investments as best as possible. The easiest and most effective way to do this is by getting routine maintenance. It will ensure that each and every part of the car is up and running as smoothly as possible. Some of the car maintenance services that we are able to offer our Porsche owners are

If it been a long time since you have had your Porsche serviced, call our Buckhead Porsche auto service shop today! We will be able to take a look at your car and make the necessary changes that are needed to get your Porsche performing the best it possibly can.

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Whether you need your oil to be changed or you think you need electrical repairs, European Service Center is the place to go for all of your Buckhead Porsche auto service needs. We know that car services can be overwhelming because we always want our cars to be in great shape, but we are here to tell you that we will take a lot of care and time when working on your Porsche. We love cars and working on them, so we work hard to ensure that cars like Porsches are in great shape. To learn more about our auto service shop, contact us by calling (404)-554-4300 today.