Dallas Jaguar Auto Service

Few brands can emulate the powerful appeal of a Jaguar. These vehicles flawlessly combine a comfortable driving experience with attractive luxury. When you want to make sure that your beautiful machine maintains its impressive condition, come to the professionals at European Service Center. Our Dallas Jaguar auto center offers dozens of maintenance and repair services for your every need. Each professional is thoroughly trained to handle your automobile with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Want to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment? Contact our office today at (469) 453-5800 and talk with one of our friendly team members. You’ll quickly see why so many Dallas drivers come to us for their maintenance needs!

General Maintenance

A Jaguar Parked for Repairs

We’ll Treat Your Wonderful Jaguar With the Care and Respect it Deserves!

Our tuneup services ensure that your vehicle continues enjoy spectacular performance. Regular maintenance also helps Jaguar owners avoid some of the common pitfalls that effect other drivers. Want to make sure that your car’s gear shifting executes smoothly and powerfully every time? Talk with your local service expert about scheduling a transmission fluid flush for your next 50,000 miles!

Want to make sure your engine never overheats during the summer? Have our team top off your coolant and oil levels. We offer all kinds of solutions to keep your vehicle runs flawlessly, such as:

Jaguar Repair Solutions

While these driving machines have a very capable design, occasionally the will require repairs. When those days come, who do you want to care for your vehicle: a generalized car service, or a trained Jaguar specialist? Our skilled repair experts always start by carefully examining your vehicle to diagnose the source of the malfunction, not just settle on the symptoms.

Once the cause has been identified, they’ll talk with you about the situation and your best solutions. You’ll appreciate the fantastic work our service mechanics, in addition to the restored vehicle performance. Below are some of the problems that we’ve encountered at our Dallas Jaguar auto service. If you recognize any of these symptoms, be sure to call our team at (469) 453-5800 and schedule prompt repairs.

ABS System

ABS Accumulator Repair

Have you started to notice subtle differences when you apply pressure on the brake pedal? For most drivers, pressing the brakes results in a gradual release in pressure, a process that is regulated by the ABS accumulator and pump. If the accumulator breaks, you’ll feel little to no resistance when you apply the brakes. 

Our accumulator repair service will ensure that your brakes are mended or replaced for your complete safety. If you’re worried about potential driving danger, talk with one of our trained professionals at our Dallas Jaguar auto service center! Ask about our brake services and ABS system diagnostics.


Transmission Repairs

Is your aging Jaguar having problems shifting efficiently? When the transmission begins to leak or experiences another malfunction, the most common result is difficulty shifting between gears. Some drivers experience this when changing out of park, while others may feel the effects during rapid gear changes on the highway.

Whether the issue is the result of longstanding wear or a more rapid part failure, our team at European Service Center would be happy to examine the problem for you. Our Jaguar specialists will closely examine your system to uncover the underlying cause behind the shifting problems, so that we can provide you with a lasting solution. Call and ask about our automatic transmission services today!

Ignition Coils

Ignition Coil Service

Your ignition system is responsible for the activation of your vehicle. If you’ve started to experience challenges with starting your Jaguar, a faulty spark plug or ignition coil could be to blame. Should the ignition coil be to blame, you may even hear alarming backfiring when you attempt to turn on your vehicle. In worst case scenarios, coil malfunction can even lead to stalling out on the roadway.

Contact your local European Service Center expert immediately if you start to notice any of these symptoms within your vehicle. Prompt service can prevent a possible accident or roadside emergency. Ask about scheduling a visit for your ignition service and repair!


Suspension Replacement

Some newer Jaguar models rely on air suspension systems. This modern technology relies on a lot of intricate parts, any of which may break down and interfere with your smooth driving experience. Whether your vehicle relies on an air or traditional spring suspension system, our knowledgeable Dallas Jaguar auto service professionals would be happy to examine it!

We’ll carefully inspect your suspension system to identify the problem. Your personal specialist will then talk with you about your best options. Repairs, replacement, or whatever solution your machine requires, entrust your vehicle’s care to our trained, highly-rated team!

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