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Whether you’re an offroading enthusiast or a lover of luxury, Land Rover offers an excellent driving experience for thousands of Texas drivers. With that being said, maintaining a Land Rover vehicle can be a challenge. Our team at European Service Center would love to help you care for your driving machine, which is why we offer so many maintenance solutions.

How can we serve you today? The experienced professionals at our Dallas Land Rover auto service will provide the expert care and attention to detail your vehicle deserves. Call us today at (469) 453-5800 and find out why so many local drivers come to us for their maintenance and repair needs!

Land Rover Repairs

When you bring in your Land Rover for system repairs or part replacement, do you want a general mechanic or a trained, knowledgeable specialist? Our team at European Service Center offers our years of experience and outstanding service ratings, guaranteeing your vehicle the best care in Dallas. We support countless Texas drivers by meeting their European auto care needs. Our team not only ensures your vehicle is functioning properly, we restore it to peak performance.

Suspension Failure

Air Suspension Replacement

Land Rover drivers occasionally share concerns about the air suspension system. This unique machinery offers one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever see in an automobile, especially one touted for off road travel. After six years however, some air suspension systems may start to break down and create a jerky ride. If you’ve started experiencing this unpleasant wrenching movement on the road, it’s not in your imagination.

Some car owners come in for repairs, and others trade in their air suspension system for traditional springs. Either way, our team can help with your Land Rover maintenance. If you have concerns about your vehicle, feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts at European Service Center.

Fluid Leaks

Oil and Coolant Leak Repair

One of the most common problems we’ve mended here at our Dallas Land Rover auto service is oil leakage. Valve cover gasket failure is frequently the source of the problem. Some Land Rovers utilize an oil cooler line that use coolant to extract heat from engine oil, which can then be redirected back into the engine. Malfunctions in the line or the coolant adapter cause either an oil leak or a coolant leak. Neither of these have good ramifications for your engine.

These leaks can cause serious engine overheating, accelerated part degradation, and (eventual) power loss. Drivers can detect this break down via dripping on the ground beneath the car, seeping fluid in the hood, or mixed oil/coolant fluid. To ensure your vehicle continues to run properly, make sure you consult with a local professional about the leak.

Alignment Issues

Realignment Service

After driving the vehicle for several years, some Land Rover owners begin to notice a rough reaction when applying the parking brake. This is caused by a misalignment in the brake parts, which ultimately requires professional maintenance to correct. Ignoring the problem for too long can result in complete parking brake failure, which is not a problem any driver wants to deal with.

Another alignment problem that drivers have encountered occurs in the steering column. Misalignment here can make turning much more strenuous, but it can cause much more alarming issues with the airbag. Eventually the fault can create excessive pressure on the airbag system wiring, which may result in spontaneous bag deployment. Again, realignment maintenance can prevent this problem.


Automatic Transmission Repairs

Have you been driving on the highway when you noticed a weird lag in the gear change? This could be a sign that a transmission seal has worn out and needs to be replaced. Without the appropriate pressure supplied by the seal, your vehicle will have difficulty accelerating. If you have the time and will to do so, you can replace the part yourself with a store bought kit.

If you have been having difficulties getting out of park or first gear, the fault likely lies behind the transmission filter and fluid. Both can easily be changed out by a professional, and our Dallas Land Rover auto service is happy to do the job for you!

Regular Maintenance Benefits

Routine maintenance checks can help you stay on top of potential part failures and ensure a safe, fun driving experience. At European Service Center, our team works to make your car service as convenient and reliable as possible! You can come to our team for all your maintenance needs, including:

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