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Have you noticed a dip in your Mercedes’ performance? Whether your vehicle is due for maintenance or part replacement, you can count on our experienced team at European Service Center for outstanding service! We’ve assisted countless vehicle owners over the years, and we can’t wait to serve you. Call us today at (469) 453-5800 for your Dallas Mercedes auto service.

Mercedes Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Partnering with our team of experienced Mercedes vehicle experts is the perfect way to maintain optimum vehicle performance for years to come! With regular tune ups, owners can avoid so many of the common pitfalls that drivers find themselves in. Our team of knowledgeable service professionals offer all sorts of maintenance solutions for your convenience, including:

  • Fluid Level Checks
  • Transmission Flushes
  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Services
  • Exhaust & Emission Checks
  • Coolant Flushes
  • and More!
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Regular Maintenance Reduces the Frequency of Part Failure, Saving You Money.

Sometimes, due to extensive driving or sudden part failure, your vehicle needs more than simple maintenance. When the time comes for repairs, make sure your Mercedes is in the experienced hands of our Dallas Mercedes auto service! Our team will carefully analyze your vehicle to uncover the underlying problem behind your car’s malfunction. Once the issue is found, you can expect lasting results from our repairs.

Common Mercedes Repairs

While Mercedes provides reliable performance and safety for you and your family, years of accumulated wear can take a noticeable toll on your vehicle. Each machine is unique, but occasionally some common difficulties arise. Below, we’ve listed out some of the most common repair issues our team comes across. If any of these symptoms ring a bell, be sure to contact your local Dallas Mercedes auto service for repairs!

Ignition Difficulties

Ignition Failure and Misfires

Ignition failure is disheartening for any driver. There are several potential reasons why your vehicle may refuse to start. The crankshaft sensor could be malfunctioning, a likely cause if your vehicle has been taking increasingly longer to start. Of course, a dying battery could also be to blame. You’ll want to talk with your local Mercedes specialist about troubleshooting your vehicle and identifying the problem.

What about those startling misfires? Again, there are a couple “usual suspects” that could be to blame. A faulty spark plug or ignition coil can cause a cylinder misfire, leading to that loud misfire. While the Mercedes owner’s guide might recommend replacing these parts at 100,000 miles, it’s wise to have them examined at 75,000. Better to spot a failing part before it breaks down on the road!

Jerking & Knocking

A “Bumpy Ride”

As a suspension system ages (especially the shocks), driving over bumpy roads becomes increasingly jolting. However, there are other potential causes that could be generating your bumpy car performance. Cracked discs in the driveshaft cause unpleasant vibrations through the floor of the vehicle. Some Mercedes service professionals have reported degraded engine and transmission mounts, which cause the engine to violently knock during rapid acceleration.

No matter what the cause of your car’s jerking, knocking, and/or vibrating may be, it’s critical that you talk with a Mercedes service professional as soon as possible. These seemingly minor problems have a tendency to throw other parts of your vehicle out of order, which could lead to more serious problems for you down the road.

Reduced Power

Reduced Engine Power

Have you started to notice short reductions in engine performance? This is likely the result of rising engine temperatures. Low fluid levels or leaks can lead to some startling instances of power loss on the road. If you’ve detected a burning smell after a few minutes on the road, there’s a good chance your vehicle is overdue for a tuneup.

Don’t delay too long! The issue may take some time to progress towards complete power loss, but engine overheating does frequently result in reduction in power. Your vehicle may refuse to shift into higher gears, or it may shutdown completely to prevent catastrophic failure. Talk with your Dallas Mercedes auto service before this happens.

Braking Issues

Brake Problems

In some older models of Mercedes (2012 and earlier), drivers have notices that their brake rotors experience uncommonly fast deterioration as the brake pads wear thin. This is a startling development, because your brake pads should protect the rotors from excessive wear. If you’ve noticed unusually bothersome screeching when you apply the brakes, you may need to talk with your service professional about installing new rotors.

Some older models have also experienced early ABS system failure caused by dirty brake fluid. Flushing out the brake fluid every two years or so should prevent this damage. Our team at European Service Center would be happy to provide your brake care.

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