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If you are looking for a Land Rover mechanic in Duluth, GA, look no further than European Service Center. European Service Center is an auto shop that is able to offer high-quality Duluth Land Rover auto service that is reliable and effective. We love working with cars, especially European cars, so whether you need repairs or maintenance, we are the mechanics that you can count on. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to diagnose any issue your car might be having and get in back in great shape. A Land Rover is a great investment and in order to protect your investment, you need exceptional auto services; let our mechanics help you out today by calling our office at (770) 674-3400.

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When there is a lack of maintenance performed on your Land Rover, it can cause eventual wear and tear. This wear and tear will affect the performance of the car and ultimately result in the need for repairs. If you notice that your car is pulling to one side, is very shaky, or is leaking–this is not normal and should be looked at right away. At European Service Center, our auto mechanics are able to offer Range Rover repair that will have your car performing the way that it should. We know that issues with your car can be stressful, but you can trust that we are one of the best places to go for Duluth Land Rover auto service. From repairing catalytic converters to repairing engines, we have what it takes to get your¬†car in the condition that it needs to be. If for some reason that car part is too damaged, we will be able to replace it. Don’t wait! Give us a call at (770) 674-3400 when you are experiencing issues with your Land Rover and need repairs.

Issues That Might Affect Your Land Rover

When it comes to different types of makes and models of cars, you will notice that different cars aren’t always going to have the same issues. This is because the manufacturer who makes the car uses parts and wiring that are specific to that particular car. This applies to all kinds of cars, even Land Rovers, who are known to have their own kind of problems that are familiar to anyone who has owned them. Some of the most common issues that you will find with a Land Rover are the airbag, brakes, steering wheel, and even with the sunroof, parking brake, and electrical components. But don’t worry, at our auto shop, we can provide Land Rover repair to get your car back in shape.


Airbag Failure

The purpose of the airbag is to keep us safe whenever we get into a car accident. It will deploy whenever the impact of another car or object is strong enough, giving us a little protection, so we are not in harm. In the case of Land Rovers, the airbags have been known to deploy prematurely, which can really hurt someone. The reason that the airbag will go off on its own is that of defects in the steering columns and the springs in the airbag. By getting car maintenance for your Land Rover, our auto mechanics are able to identify any issue with the airbag and repair. If there are issues we can’t repair, we will need to replace some things in order to keep you safe. Give us a call at (770) 674-3400 if you would like us to take a look at your airbags.


Worn Out Brakes

If you press on the brake and you hear a squealing or grinding sound, there might be something wrong with your brakes. The brakes on a Land Rover are known to wear out a lot sooner than they should. This can be very frustrating because we depend on our brakes in order to stop our car. However, whenever you experience any issues with your brakes, you can always take them into European Service Center. We are able to inspect your brakes and see if the issue is the with brake pads, the rotor, brake caliper, or ABS system. We have the diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of the problem and figure out if repairs or a replacement is needed. Dial (770) 674-3400 to book your appointment today.

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Issues

Have you been noticing that your steering wheel makes noises when you turn? Out of all of the areas of your car that shouldn’t make noise, the steering wheel is definitely at the top of the list. However, for Land Rovers, this is a pretty common problem that owner’s face. The reason that the steering wheel is making noise is that the¬†steering shaft has become defective. Typically, people who are having this issue notice it when they are taking a turn very slowly. If you have a steering wheel that is making too much noise when you turn, call our Duluth Land Rover auto service shop! We can take a look at the steering wheel and see if the issue is with the steering shaft. Get in touch with us at (770) 674-3400 for more information.

Land Rover Auto Maintenance

Land Rovers are a luxury car that is able to offer high-quality performance and a smooth ride. The best way that a Land Rover owner can keep their car in great shape is by scheduling routine maintenance. Maintenance is one of those things that can easily be forgotten, but it is so integrated into the capability and life of the car. When car maintenance is avoided, it can lead to the car having to perform a lot harder than it should, resulting in parts repairs or replacements. Don’t let this happen to your Land Rover; you can get in touch with a Range Rover mechanic at our auto shop. We are able to offer Duluth Land Rover auto service that can extend the life of your car, maintain the value, keep your safe, and ensure the car is driving smoothly. We offer a wide range of maintenance services that include the following.

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When you need a professional to provide Range Rover service for your car, you can call on the experts at European Service Center. We have been in this business for many years and are known as the best Duluth Land Rover auto service in the area. From repairs, replacements, and maintenance, there is nothing that our auto mechanics can’t handle. If you need a major repair or a minor replacement, you can depend on our team to help you. To talk with one of our mechanics about making an appointment, you can call our office at (770) 674-3400 today!