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When you think of a luxury vehicle, one of the first cars you think of is a Mercedes. Built to offer high-quality comfort and class, a Mercedes is able to provide the very best performance on the road. Because it is such a great car, it is so important that you find a Mercedes-Benz mechanic who can provide reliable and effective auto services. If you live in Duluth, GA and need Mercedes-Benz auto repair, replacement, or maintenance, European Service Center is the auto shop to call. We are a local Duluth Mercedes auto service shop that offers exceptional services to get your Mercedes performing the way that it was designed to do. Whether you need Mercedes transmission repair or you need general maintenance, you can contact us at (770) 674-3400 for all of your Mercedes service needs.

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Even though a Mercedes is one of the best cars on the road, they are still susceptible to damages. A lot of times when a car doesn’t receive the proper maintenance, it can affect the way that a car performs. While this is a pretty common reason why Mercedes car repair is needed, it can also be due to issues that just develop because of electrical and mechanical parts that were used in various Mercedes makes and models. If you are experiencing issues with your car, but you don’t know where to turn, you can call European Service Center, as we are one of the most respected authorized Mercedes-Benz repair shops in the area. From major to minor repairs, there is nothing that our auto mechanics can’t handle.

Issues That Plague Mercedes Cars

While all cars can leak fluid, pull to one side, or even shake uncontrollably, there are some issues that are very specific to certain cars. This all has to do with what types of electrical and mechanical parts are used, giving it a unique type of issue that is pretty common for particular vehicles. When it comes to a Mercedes, there are a couple of problems that really stick out as issues that really only affect this type of car. If you think that you need Mercedes auto repair, we are able to take a look at your car and see what kind of issues it is having. Give a Mercedes mechanic at our Duluth Mercedes auto service shop a call at (770) 674-3400 to book your appointment today.

Catalytic Converter

Shoddy Catalytic Converter

While we need our cars to go to and from places, they can emit a lot of gas into the environment. One of the ways that this issue is curbed is with a catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is a device in the exhaust system that converts pollutants into pollutants that are going to have a less harmful impact on the environment. Mercedes tend to have issues with their catalytic converters because they become clogged, which then causes the car to not drive as smoothly as it should. When this type of problem is not fixed, it can eventually lead to engine failure. If you are having a hard time pushing down on the gas pedal, the car fails an emission test, or the car won’t turn on, then call our Duluth Mercedes auto service shop! One of our mechanics can take a look at the catalytic converter and see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.


Engine Misfires

What’s good about newer cars, is that they have warning signals that show up on your dashboard. One of the warning signals that tend to pop up is the check engine light. The check engine light can either stay a solid color or blink rapidly. If it stays a solid color, then the problem could be minor or major; if the check engine light blinks, it means that your engine is misfiring. An engine misfire happens when the spark plugs, ignition coil, rotor, or distributor cap have become worn-out. This is a very typical problem for Mercedes cars, with these components needing to be changed out every 100,000 miles. If an engine misfire is not taken care of, it can damage your catalytic converter or oxygen sensor. Call our mechanics at (770) 674-3400 to get repairs for your catalytic converter.


Ignition Failure

In order to get your car up and running, you need the ignition system to work. The ignition system gets all of your electrical systems working in your car, so without the ignition, your car won’t be able to turn on. This car issue is pretty common in Mercedes and it can cause the motor starter to make noise, stall the car, the ignition to lock up and make the car not start at all. If you think you are having issues with your ignition, you can rely on our team for thorough inspections and repairs. We can diagnose the problem using state-of-the-art tools, as well as having mechanics who have been working with Mercedes cars for several years. Get in touch with us by calling our office at (770) 674-3400.

How To Keep Your Mercedes in Great Shape

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If you are wanting to keep your Mercedes in excellent condition, the best thing that you can do is get car maintenance. While car maintenance is important because it ensures your car’s parts are intact, there are other reasons why maintenance should be on the top of the list of things car owners should do. One of the most important reasons why car maintenance is needed is because it extends the life of the car. Without maintenance, the car’s parts will become defective and have to work harder than they should, thus causing issues that can decrease the lifespan of a car. Other reasons maintenance is essential is that maintains the value of the car, it helps your car run more smoothly, and it keeps you safe from potential car issues. At our Duluth Mercedes auto service shop, we are able to provide these types of maintenance services in order to avoid Mercedes repair.

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Whether you need Mercedes-Benz repair, replacement, or maintenance, our Duluth Mercedes auto service is the best in town. Our highly trained and certified auto mechanics have the experience and knowledge to service your Mercedes and get it running as smoothly as possible. We have a passion for cars and helping people, so when you take your Mercedes into European Service Center, you can be sure that you will always receive high-quality and dependable service. To make an appointment with our Mercedes-Benz repair shop, contact us today at (770) 674-3400.