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Looking for a trusted local service to tend to your Audi? At European Service Center, we have an extensive portfolio of solutions designed specifically for your vehicle. That’s why we continue to provide outstanding maintenance and repairs for Houston drivers. Don’t just take our word for it though! See what locals like you have to say about our team in the reviews section.

If you’re in need of prompt vehicle service, call our staff at (713) 864-5100 and schedule a convenient appointment that fits with your busy life. When you bring your car into our Houston Audi auto service center, you’ll quickly see why so many local drivers come to us first.

Caring For Your Audi

How can you ensure that your beautiful driving machine will last for many years to come? Careful driving and continued maintenance. Our experienced team at European Service Center would love to partner with you to take care of your seasonal car care. With regular oil changes and other tuneup services, your Audi will enjoy outstanding performance day to day.

How can we serve you today? Our team offers all kinds of convenient solutions for you, including…

Audi Repair Professionals

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Our European Service Professionals Can Provide Tailored Tuneup Solutions for Your Audi.

Even expert maintenance doesn’t fix some problems. When your Audi needs professional care and precise attention to detail, bring it to our experienced experts at European Service Center! We’ve provided outstanding results for countless local drivers, because we take the time and effort to offer the tailored care your vehicle deserves. Instead of taking your automobile to a generalized mechanic, bring it to a specialist with extensive European vehicle knowledge.

Below are just a few of the many challenges our specialists provide solutions for. If any of these symptoms ring a bell, you’re welcome to talk with a member of our courteous staff! Should you notice any other performance problems in your vehicle, you can also contact the professionals at our Houston Audi auto service by calling (713) 864-5100.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter performs a critical role, not just for internal function, but also for environmental protection. Through the combustion process, dangerous gases (carbon monoxide, unburnt fuel, and nitrogen oxide) come flying out of the engine and make their way into the catalytic converter. Here, the gases areĀ converted into gases and liquids that are safe for the environment (and people).

If your catalytic converter isn’t functioning properly, or if the flexible join between the converter and the downpipe starts to leak, your vehicle will begin emitting harmful gases. What does that mean for you? For starters, the fumes will likely trip one of the sensors under the hood, activating the check engine light. The faulty converter will likely mean a failed emissions test the next time you get your state-mandated inspection.

The good news is that you can usually tell when the converter isn’t functioning properly, so you won’t have to waste the inspection. Darker exhaust coming out of the tail pipe is a clear sign. You’ll likely smell the change too. Taking care of your engine and emissions system should help extend the life of your converter. If you’re having problems with foul gases coming out of the tailpipe, talk with one of the professionals at our Houston Audi auto service.


Engine and Ignition Repair

Having ignition problems starting up your engine? Occasionally, Audi drivers may experience ignition or engine misfires that are quite alarming. Imagine casually inserting the key to start your vehicle, your mind miles away on the day’s happenings, when suddenly a loud bang sends you jumping out of your seat! Misfires are often the result of a degraded ignition coil or spark plug, which need to be replaced as quickly as possible.

Other potential engine problems include partial and complete power loss. Perhaps the most common cause of this phenomenon is fluid loss, either coolant or oil. Coolant leaks mean that your engine will gradually heat up to dangerous temperatures. Your onboard electronic control unit (ECU) will initially limit your vehicle to lower gears. If the situation continues for too long, the ECU may even terminate your engine power completely. Before that happens, make sure your vehicle is in the care of our Houston Audi auto service professionals. They’ll identify the leak, then recommend your best course of action for long-term success.


Finding and Fixing Oil Leaks

Given all the moving parts within your engine, it should come as no surprise that some Audi models intermittently suffer from oil leaks. As with many European car models, gasket seals and valve covers are typically to blame, though a thorough mechanic won’t jump to conclusions. Our team at European Service Center goes beyond surface-level symptoms and carefully inspects your engine to identify the underlying cause of the leak.

Why is it so important to find and address oil leaks in a timely manner? As with any fluid loss, dripping lubricant means that your engine falls into greater danger of overheating and frictional degradation. Think of all the carefully designed parts in your engine that effortlessly move against each other, until lack of oil causes them to start grinding. That’s how engines tear themselves apart.

Thankfully, your Audi doesn’t have to share that story. Bring your car into our Houston Audi auto service center and ask about our oil leak detection and repair services.

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