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Few brands enjoy the prestige and allure of Jaguar, which is why so many drivers are attracted to these powerful machines. Jaguar vehicles offer a fantastic all-around driving experience. Whether you like cruising on the highway or flying down the local track, your automobile will take care of you.

So how can you give some of that outstanding care back? With faithful maintenance and timely repairs from a local Jaguar specialist. Our knowledgeable, courteous mechanics at the European Service Center can offer the attention to detail and in-depth care that your vehicle deserves. If your vehicle ever experiences a dip in performance, you can count on the Houston Jaguar auto service team to find the source of the problem and fix it. To learn more about our local services or schedule an appointment, contact one of our friendly professionals at (713) 864-5100.

Expert Jaguar Maintenance

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For Everything From Classics to the Latest Jaguar Models, You Can Rely on Our Services!

Keeping your Jaguar at optimal performance levels requires consistent balancing in the vehicle’s fluid levels and part alignment. Needless to say, years of driving often take their toll in the form of engine wear and oil degradation. Our team at the European Service Center provides convenient care solutions for your Jaguar, such as:

Whether your vehicle needs a simple oil change or a transmission flush for the next 50,000 miles, we’ll see to it. You’ll love the rejuvenated performance, plus the friendly service of our specialized mechanics. To schedule an appointment with our Houston Jaguar auto service center, contact our courteous staff at (713) 864-5100!

Professional Repair Solutions

When your Jaguar needs professional care the most, who will you entrust it to: a generalized mechanic or a trusted specialist? At the European Service Center, you can guarantee that your vehicle receives the exact care it needs for restored functionality. Our team starts with a thorough analysis of your Jaguar to identify the source of the breakdown. We aim for reliable, long-term solutions, not quick fixes. 

Below are just a few of the many services we provide at the Houston Jaguar auto service center. If any of the symptoms described resemble those you’ve experienced, contact our team at (713) 864-5100 to schedule repairs. We’ll gladly take care of your vehicle!


Ignition Coil Replacement

One of the most frustrating vehicle challenges to experience is ignition failure. Part degradation in the ignition system produces a variety of side effects in your engine. Your Jaguar may refuse to activate, leaving you temporarily stranded.  The most alarming symptom of ignition failure is an engine backfire, which typically indicates a faulty coil or spark plug.

No matter what part is to blame, bring in your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid damaging your vehicle further. Ignition coils and spark plugs both impact your driving performance. If the part degradation has advanced too far, you may experience difficulties accelerating or even stall out on the road. Should your vehicle show symptoms of ignition failure, it may be safer to stay off the highway.


Suspension Services

The suspension system ensures smooth travels across bumpy roadways. When your drive starts to feel more jerking than usual, the problem likely lies there. There are multiple kinds of suspension. Most vehicle suspension systems utilize steel coil springs, which offer very reliable and consistent impact absorption. Larger vehicles may use a torsion bar mechanism instead.

Some newer models incorporate air springs instead. While air suspension systems offer some of the most relaxing, comfortable driving experiences available today, they also come with a couple drawbacks. Occasionally, this smooth suspension system begins to degrade after six years or so of use. Repairs can be expensive, so some drivers prefer to retrofit their vehicle with another type of suspension spring.

If you’ve experienced increasingly rough driving with your Jaguar, talk with a professional from our Houston Jaguar auto service center at (713) 864-5100.

ABS Brake System

Brake Pump Repairs

Your ABS pump is responsible for enhancing pressure inside your ABS system. It’s also why you feel resistance when you press your foot against the brake pedal. When you feel a steady force pushing back on your foot as you depress the pedal, you can tell the system is working properly.

When the pump breaks or another part of your ABS system begins to leak brake fluid, you will notice decreasing pressure in the pedal. That’s a dangerous sign that your system is losing braking power. If there’s not pressure at all when you feel the pedal, do not take your car out on the road way. Should you ever find yourself in this predicament on the road, let your foot off the accelerator and let the vehicle gradually slow down. Then you can slowly apply the emergency brake, which (for safety reasons) relies on separate parts.

Leaking brake fluid and reduced ABS pressure are potentially life-threatening dilemmas that should not be taken lightly. Should you find yourself with a damaged ABS system, bring your vehicle (or have it towed) to your local Houston Jaguar auto service.

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