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Land Rovers offer an exquisite driving experience and luxurious comfort. Caring for these premium automobiles requires consistent maintenance with a professional touch. Our team at the European Service Center would be proud to partner with you and provide all your maintenance and repair services. To learn more about our Houston Land Rover auto service, call (713) 864-5100.

Crucial Land Rover Repairs

A Land Rover Parked After Service

Looking for Maintenance or a Professional Part Replacement? Talk With Our Experienced Team!

When the day comes for the most important repairs in your vehicle’s lifetime, will you entrust your Land Rover to a generalized mechanic or a trained specialist? Our team of European auto experts have the in-depth knowledge and insight you require to go beneath the surface symptoms and target the source of your vehicle damage. That’s why we continue to provide lasting results for our valued customers.

Below are some of the common services that we provide at our Houston Land Rover auto service center. If you like, we’d love to provide you with more details. Talk with any of our experienced mechanics at (713) 864-5100.


Steering and Brake Realignment

Over the years, there are parts of your Land Rover that may fall out of alignment. For some, this causes little more than irritating noises during drive times. For others, it could lead to dangerous part failure on the road. Two of the most frequently observed alignment issues are in the steering shaft and parking brake.

The brake cable responsible for keeping your car in park can experience some functional problems when it comes out of alignment. Give the Land Rover brand’s reputation for off-road adventuring, it’s no surprise that a bumpy trip across rough terrain could throw your brake line out of alignment. The results however, could be dangerous if you notice at an inopportune moment, such as parking on a steep hill. Thankfully, our team at European Service Center can easily realign the cable to restore parking functionality.

A misaligned steering shaft however, produces more serious consequences. Not only does it allow extraneous movement of the wheel while the driver attempts to turn, it can also cause premature activation of the airbag. That’s not something you want to occur during high traffic time on the highway. Again, prompt repair is essential.


Air Suspension Repair & Replacement

The air suspension system offers a fantastically smooth ride over bumpy roads. Over the years however, this system may start to degrade and perform poorly. If your Land Rover no longer provides that high standard of comfort, talk with one of our European Service Center professionals! 

Some drivers prefer to stick with air suspension and restore the system. Others decide to switch to a traditional spring system. Whichever solution you decide on, our Houston Land Rover auto service team would be happy to support you!


Automatic Transmission Services

Have you ever had difficulties getting out of first gear or even park? If so, the issue likely stems from low transmission fluid or a worn filter. These problems can both be resolved by a car service professional before they heavily interfere with driving. Other problems may be a bit more subtle and difficult to notice (at first).

When driving out on the highway, have you ever noticed a strange delay between gear changes? As the problem progresses, your vehicle may have increasing difficulty with accelerating in a timely manner. The underlying cause is likely a fluid leak emanating from a worn transmission seal. The resulting pressure loss weakens your overall transmission system. If getting on the highway has started to feel like playing a game of chicken, you need to bring your vehicle into our Houston Land Rover auto service.


Coolant and Oil Leak Repair

Maintaining balanced coolant and oil levels is essential for your engine’s health. A shortage in either of these fluids inevitably leads to overheating, part degradation, gear limitations, and (eventual) power loss. No wonder mechanics are always encouraging you to get that oil change! 

The Land Rover engine parts frequently responsible for oil leaks are valve cover gaskets and oil cooler lines. Sometimes oil seeps out of the gaskets and drips onto the ground. With the oil cooler lines, there’s also the potential for either the oil and coolant line to leak fluid into the adjacent line. While you may not notice the effects immediately, oil gradually degrades softer radiator parts (such as hoses). Talk with your local Houston Land Rover auto service about fixing the damage and cleaning your system.

Maintenance and Better Performance

Not every problem in your vehicle requires part replacement! General maintenance goes a long way towards restoring your Land Rover to optimal performance levels. What sort of services do our professionals at the European Service Center provide?

Not only does regular maintenance allow your vehicle to continue performing at peak efficiency, it also helps you avoid some of the more serious repair challenges we mentioned above. Our team would love to take care of your vehicle’s ongoing service. When you select our professionals for your Land Rover maintenance needs, you’ll see the difference in your vehicle’s overall performance! 

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