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Are you concerned about a sudden decline in your Mercedes’ driving performance? Our team at the European Service Center would be happy to help you dig into the matter. We’ve provided answers for thousands of local drivers over the years, and we’d love to assist you! Whether your vehicle requires maintenance care or part replacement, you can count on our seasoned professionals to supply outstanding results. Schedule your Houston Mercedes auto service today by calling (713) 864-5100.

Mercedes General Maintenance Services

What sort of solutions can you find at the European Service Center? Our team provides a comprehensive portfolio of services for your vehicle, including…

Our extensive list of vehicle solutions allow us to better customize our service to meet your specific needs. We understand that every automobile is unique; one-size-fits-all solutions rarely provide the long-term results that we aim for at our Houston Mercedes auto service. When you call (713) 864-5100 and bring your Mercedes in for maintenance, you can expect notable improvements in your driving experience. 

But what about those situations when vehicle damage goes beyond basic maintenance?

Mercedes Repair Solutions

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Our Team Provides Convenient Maintenance and Repairs for Cargo Vans. 

Professional care matters most when your vehicle is in need of repairs. Whether your Mercedes requires a spark plug replacement or a full engine diagnostic, you deserve a specialist with the training and knowledge to properly care for your European automobile. After all, why take your vehicle to a generalized mechanic that doesn’t understand the intricacies of your Mercedes’ complex engine structure?

At our Houston Mercedes auto service center, you’ll find the results you’re looking for. Below, we’ve listed out some of the most common challenges that Houston drivers encounter on the road. If you recognize any of the symptoms in your own vehicle, be sure to contact our team immediately at (713) 864-5100 and schedule repairs.


Faulty Ignition & Other Engine Problems

Few problems are as frustrating as ignition failure. When your vehicle refuses to start, there are several potential causes. A failed spark plug or ignition coil could be to blame, though many drivers automatically turn to their battery. The crankshaft sensor, responsible for telling your car’s electronic control module (ECU) to provide the spark for ignition, could also be at fault.

Of course, Houston drivers experience many types of engine malfunction. Declining oil quality or fluid leaks drive your vehicle towards overheating. When your oil and coolant levels fall below safe levels, sensors tell your ECU about the subsequent rise in temperature. The ECU eventually reduces power output to protect your engine, limiting you to low gears or even shutting off power completely. If you detect burning smells coming from the engine, you need to bring your car into our Houston Mercedes auto service center ASAP.


Faulty Transmission

Your Mercedes transmission system is responsible for changing gears smoothly and in a timely manner. Faulty transmission interferes with this process, resulting in “sticky” or rough shifting. In the most frustrating cases, your vehicle may refuse to change out of park. In the most dangerous scenarios, your car may fail to change gears during high speed driving situations (such as speeding up for the highway). 

Faulty shifting isn’t the only problem your transmission may encounter. The mounts that hold your car’s transmission in place can degrade from extreme heat or accumulated wear. This leads to increasingly jolting gear changes, which can take the joy out of your driving experience. Whatever transmission problems you may encounter, our team at the European Service Center is more than happy to provide solutions. Contact our Houston Mercedes auto service for assistance.


Jerky Suspension

Some Mercedes models start to encounter problems with bumpy driving around the 60,000 mile (or 5 year) mark. This is sometimes the case with air suspension systems, which typically provide an outstandingly smooth driving experience. If your vehicle starts showing symptoms of faulty suspension, our team is here to provide you with options. We can repair your air suspension or replace it with a traditional spring system. Learn more about each solution by calling our Houston Mercedes auto service.


ABS Failure & Other Brake Issues

Brake fluid empowers your ABS system and allows drivers to better control their vehicles. When this fluid becomes dirty with years of use however, your ABS control module may determine that your vehicle is too dangerous to drive. Like other safety devices in your Mercedes, the control module can power down your car and turn on one of the warning lights. If your ABS light comes on, be sure to talk with your local Mercedes specialist about flushing out your brake fluid.

In some older Mercedes models (pre-2012), drivers have reported problems with the brake pads wearing down the rotors. This causes unusually fast part degradation, forcing some car owners to replace the rotors during every brake pad change. That’s an expensive malfunction, and our team would love to help you avoid it if possible. Speak with one of our knowledgeable mechanics at our local Houston Mercedes auto service center.

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