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If you’ve joined the thousands of Porsche owners driving throughout our great state, you’ve already witnessed the fantastic driving experience this brand has to offer. With great driving power comes continual vehicle maintenance however, and your Porsche is no exception. Staying on top of your car’s maintenance needs can be a challenge, but our team at the European Service Center would be more than happy to assist you.

We provide dozens of convenient services to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. Anytime you notice a dip in performance or a sudden breakdown in functionality, call our team at (713) 864-5100 and schedule a checkup. Our Houston Porsche auto service center has provided outstanding care for countless local drivers, and we can wait to serve you too!

Porsche General Maintenance

Our team at the European Service Center continues to offer lasting results because we invest in trained, experienced staff. Generalized car shops don’t supply depth of knowledge and expertise that our specialists provide. When you bring your vehicle to our courteous team, you can feel confident in our results! 

So what sort of maintenance services does our Houston Porsche auto service offer? There’s…

Anytime your vehicle starts to experience dips in performance, our team would be happy to examine your car. With rebalanced fluid levels and reordered car parts, you can bet that your Porsche will enjoy maximum performance in no time! Give us a call today at (713) 864-5100 and arrange an appointment that fits with your schedule.

Porsche Repair Services

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Not every problem can be fixed by changing the oil or realigning the steering column. Machine parts naturally degrade over time, but it takes a professional eye to get to the heart of a malfunction. Our experts at the European Service Center have the years of experience and acute attention to detail necessary to find the source of your specific issue.

After completing a thorough analysis, your personal Porsche mechanic will walk you through the situation and explain your best options for repair. Once we’ve started on a repair project, you can be absolutely confident in our results.

Below are some of the many types of service that we provide at our Houston Porsche auto service center. If you recognize any of the symptoms from the common problems we describe, be sure to call us at (713) 864-5100 and schedule repairs for your vehicle. While some of these challenges start small, they can and do escalate to more dangerous problems down the road.


Engine Emissions and Warning Signs

Did you know that your engine produces several dangerous chemical byproducts? That’s where your Porsche’s emission system comes into action! It takes toxic chemicals like carbon monoxide, unburnt fuel, and nitrogen oxide and converts them into harmless gases (and water condensate). That’s why you can travel the interstate without concern over what substances you’re leaving behind.

There are a couple of problems that can upset your car’s normal function and create unpleasant, smokey byproducts. An overfilled oil reserve is much more common than people realize, especially among Porsche automobiles. General service mechanics sometimes aren’t familiar with a Porsche’s unusually large oil pan, so they err on the side of caution and overfill. This leads to oil spilling out into the engine block and burning. This produces an unusual smoke beneath the hood.

An air-oil separator is responsible for removing air bubbles from your oil supply. When the part breaks down, air slowly starts to mix with the oil supply. This produces several potential issues for your Porsche. First, there’s a noticeable acceleration in oil consumption. Your vehicle may even begin to leak oil. One of the easiest ways to spot this degradation is the dark smoke it produces in your car’s exhaust. If you want to maintain your Porsche’s impressive performance, the part will need to be repaired or replaced soon.


Temperature Control

One of the most critical parts of maintaining your Porsche is keeping a careful balance of the various car fluids (oil, water, coolant, etc.). A shortage of radiator coolant or a low oil reserve can have grave consequences for your engine. Because your engine consists of hundreds of interlocked, vibrating parts, leaks are bound to happen sooner or later. Performance drops are sure to follow.

Occasionally, car owners come to our Houston Porsche auto service with concerns over leaking coolant. This is often the result of a worn or faulty coolant distribution pipe that is actively leaking fluid onto other parts of the engine. The tale tell sign of this phenomenon is a musty smell emitting from the engine block. Dropping coolant levels can ultimately lead to partial or even complete engine shutdown, so it’s crucial that you contact our team if you have cause for concern. 

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Our team at the European Service Center would be happy to examine your vehicle for general maintenance or for professional repair. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or simply ask our team a question, call our Houston Porsche auto service at (713) 864-5100!