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From Volkswagen to Porsche, We Service All Manner of European Vehicles!

Are you looking for professional auto service in North Buckhead Sandy Springs, GA? Then call European Service Center‘s Sandy Spring service center for high-quality auto repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Our local mechanics have been in the auto industry for many years, and have the experience and knowledge to work on any type of European brand car. Have a Mercedes that needs repairs? Does your Volkswagen need maintenance? We are able to handle it! We understand that auto services can sometimes be overwhelming, but when you contact us for help, we will be here to take the stress away. Our mechanics have a passion for cars and working on cars, so you can feel rest assured that every single service is handled with the utmost care and precision. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your car perform as efficiently and smoothly as possible, give our automotive shop a call today.

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We Service European Car Brands

At European Service Center, we are able to provide auto service repair, replacement, and maintenance for a wide range of European cars. We love working with European cars because they are some of the best cars in the industry. Whether it be a Porsche, BMW, or Jaguar, you can trust that we will take good care of your car. Here are some of the cars that we can service at our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs service center.

  • Audi Auto Service Do you have an Audi that needs auto service? Call our auto mechanics today for help!
  • BMW Auto Service Whether your BMW needs maintenance, repairs, or a replacement, we are here to help.
  • Jaguar Auto Service If your Jaguar is needing professional car services, don’t hesitate to call our team today.
  • Land Rover Auto Service When it’s been a long time since your Land Rover has had auto service, don’t worry! We are ready to assist you.
  • Mercedes Auto Service From maintenance to repairs and everything in between, bring your Mercedes in for exceptional auto service.
  • Porsche Auto Service Is your Porsche overdue for maintenance? Does it require repairs? We are able to take a look and see what your car needs.
  • Volkswagen Auto Service For the best Volkswagen auto service in the area, call on European Service Center today!


Auto Maintenance Service

Symptoms of Aging Car Parts

If You’ve Noticed Unusual Sounds or Smells During Your Drive Time, Bring Your Car in for a Checkup!

Do you want to make sure that your car is in the best condition? In order to prevent car repairs or part replacements, you will need to get professional maintenance for your car. Car maintenance is an important auto service, as it ensures that every part of your car is working as it should. If you are looking for high-quality maintenance that will get your car performing at its highest capacity, contact our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs service center. We know that car maintenance can be one of the last things you think about, but it is so important to find the time and take your car in for thorough maintenance. Without maintenance, you are looking at frequent leaks, overheating, and more. To book an appointment for car maintenance, call us at (404) 252-8669. We are able to offer these kinds of maintenance services for our clients.

Reasons Car Maintenance is Essential

While the most important reason why we invest in car maintenance is to ensure our cars are running as efficiently as possible, there are other reasons why maintenance needs to be considered. One of the biggest reasons that car maintenance should be performed regularly is because it can extend the life of your car. Cars are an investment (which is another reason to get maintenance) so we want to be able to protect that investment by getting routine maintenance. Other reasons why car maintenance is so essential is that it can maintain the value of our car, save us money, ensure our car is safe to drive, protect our car warranty, protect the environment, as well as make sure we have good gas mileage. All of these things are so critical to our cars, so if you want to achieve all of these things, please contact our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs service center for the best car maintenance in the area.


Auto Repair Service

A Mechanic Performs Serious Repairs

Is it Time to Schedule Your Car Repairs?

If maintenance is needed to keep our cars well maintained, then car repair is needed to make sure defective or worn parts are good as new. We never want to be in a position where our cars need repairs, but it’s going to happen from time to time. The reason that repairs are typically needed is that of lack of maintenance, old parts, or worn out parts. Whatever the reason, our auto repair shop is here to help you! When you take your car into our Sandy Springs service center, our auto mechanics will be able to inspect your car and diagnose the problem. We have been in this business a long time, so we will know pretty soon what the issue is. Once we have figured out what is hurting your car, we will be able to fix it! If for some reason a repair won’t fix the issue, we will replace it with a new part. It’s important to note that not every car brand is going to have the same problems–luckily, we have been working with European cars for many, many years, so we are pretty familiar with common issues that plague certain car brands. For professional repair service, call us at (404) 252-8669!

Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair

When your car is damaged, it is so important that you take it into a vehicle repair shop that can fix it right away. However, there may be times when you aren’t sure if your car should be taken in. If you ever notice that your car isn’t performing like it usually does, then there is a cause for concern. Below are some of the most common signs that you need to take your car in for repairs.

  • Check Engine: If your check engine light, or other warning light, comes up on your dash, it’s time to take your car in for repairs.
  • Strange Noises: Do you hear knocking noises, squealing, or grinding noises coming from your car? This isn’t normal and should be looked at right away.
  • Weird Odors: Does your car smell musty or sweet? There could be mold in the cooling system or there could be antifreeze that is leaking from your car.
  • Leaks: If your driveway has a big wet spot that is directly under your car, it’s a good guess that your car may be leaking.
  • Smoke Under Hood: Smoke coming from anywhere is bad, but it’s especially bad if it’s coming from under the hood of your car.
  • Excess Exhaust Smoke: If you notice a big, black cloud of smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, please call someone immediately for repairs.

Don’t wait until your car is beyond repair, contact our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs service center today for help! We can take a look at your car and provide it with the necessary repairs.

Call Our Auto Mechanic Shop Today!

For an expert auto service center that you can trust, call European Service Center today! We are proud to be the best local North Buckhead and Sandy Springs service center in the area. No matter how big or small your car service may be, our auto mechanics are able to handle it. With our years of experience, knowledge, and know-how, we can get your car up and running better than before. If you need more information about our auto services or you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call our office at (404) 252-8669.