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Your Audi Relies on a Particular Maintenance Schedule, Shown in Your Owner’s Manual.

If you are looking for Audi auto service in North Buckhead and Sandy Springs, GA, look no further than European Service Center. We are a professional auto shop who is able to offer quality Audi car service. Does your car need repairs? Are you due for car maintenance? Our auto mechanics are able to perform any type of service including Audi car repair, replacement, and maintenance. We have been in the auto industry for quite some time, so no matter what kind of service you are needing, we are able to handle it. Let an Audi certified mechanic take a look at your car and determine what kind of North Buckhead Audi auto service you need. To get in touch with us, call (404) 252-8669 to talk with one of our mechanics about making an appointment.

Audi Maintenance Service

If you are wanting to protect your investment, warranty, or are looking to keep your Audi in the very best shape, we are here to help. One of the most crucial things that you can do for the performance of your car is getting professional maintenance. With car maintenance, you are able to extend the life of your car, maintain the value of your car, protect the environment, save money, and get better gas mileage. For exceptional Audi care service, contact our mechanics today! We can help you avoid getting Audi repair and ensure that your car is in the very best shape with our Sandy Springs Audi auto service. These are some of the maintenance services that we are able to offer our clients.

Audi Repair Service

Metal Shavings Indicating Low Oil

Regular Oil Changes Prevent Metal Parts From Scraping Each Other in the Engine.

While we do a lot to ensure our cars are in the best condition, sometimes parts can stop working due to age or malfunctions. If your car is shaking at a high speed, making grinding noises, or leaking fluids, it’s time to get professional repairs.  It is so important that when you are having issues with your Audi, you take it into our auto shop. We realize how stressful Audi auto repair, but we promise that we do whatever it takes to get your car up and running better than before. When you bring your car in, one of our mechanics will inspect your car. Once they find the problem that is causing issues with your Audi, they will be able to repair it. On occasion, repairs won’t be able to fix whatever is wrong with your car—in those situations we are able to offer part replacement service. Whether you need repairs or a replacement, you can depend on us to help you with any North Buckhead Audi auto service. Book your repairs today by calling our Audi repair shop at (404) 252-8669.

Issues That Affect Audi Cars

While all cars are plagued with issues at one point or another, particular car brands are going to be affected by certain kinds of problems. This is because the car manufacturer who builds the car assembles parts specific to that model, so they gradually develop problems that will only impact the particular car model. If you think that your car is in need of Audi repair service, we are here to help! We are a local Audi certified repair shop who can repair any type of issue that your car is having.


Drivetrain Issues

In order for our wheels to move and get your car driving, then we need help from the drivetrain. Not to be confused with the powertrain and driveline, the drivetrain creates power from the engine, to the transmission, and then to the wheels so that you have a twisting force or torque. There are many parts of a drivetrain, all of which are important and all of which can become damaged. An Audi car can develop issues with the drivetrain because of a defective torque converter or CV joint. If you are having problems turning, notice vibrations coming from under the hood of the car, or you hear weird noises, take your car in for North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Audi auto service. You can call our office by dialing (404) 252-8669!


Exhaust Problems

The purpose of the exhaust is so that combustion of gasoline can make its way out of your car. Because it’s a gas coming out of your car, the exhaust system has a catalytic converter that is able to convert the gas into a less harmful one. The exhaust system is an important one and when it becomes damaged, it can cause a lot of issues with your car. With Audi in particular, Audi owners tend to notice that the engine will misfire, the check engine light will come on, a noise will be coming from the hood of the car, or the car doesn’t start after getting gas. If these sound familiar to you, call European Service Center at (404) 252-8669 for North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Audi Auto Service. Whether its an ignition coil, oxygen sensor, or catalytic converter that’s causing the problem, we can fix it.


Suspension Issues

To get the car and the wheels to move forward, we need a suspension system.  A suspension system is what allows the car and wheels to work together. This type of system is made up of tires, shock absorbers, springs, and more that connect to the car and the wheels. Whenever you are experiencing a rough ride while driving to your car, that means that something is wrong with the suspension. Other issues that are caused by the suspension are hard steering, a car pulling to one side, or feeling each bump in the road. If your Audi is experiencing one or more of these, then contact us at (404) 252-8669! We can provide Sandy Springs Audi auto service that will get your car back in great shape.

Call for an Audi Specialist Today

If you are looking for high-quality Audi service, there is no other place you should go then European Service Center. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose any issues your Audi might be having and provide it with the service that it requires. For an Audi mechanic who goes above and beyond to give you the best Sandy Springs and North Buckhead  Audi auto service, call our auto shop at (404) 252-8669 today! We look forward to working with you and getting your Audi driving smoothly and efficiently as possible.