North Buckhead Mercedes Auto Service

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Regular Checkups and Fluid Changes Ensure the Best Performance for Your Mercedes.

If you own a Mercedes, you will want to take it into an auto shop that has worked with these cars before. At European Service Center, we are able to service Mercedes, as well as other European car makes and models. Whether you are needing maintenance, repair, or a replacement, a certified Mercedes mechanic at our North Buckhead and Sandy Spring Mercedes auto service shop is able to help you. If you have been experiencing issues with your Mercedes, we are able to diagnose the problem by providing a comprehensive inspection. Once the inspection is over, we can determine what type of repair the car needs. Our mechanics not only offer exceptional repairs and replacement service, but we can also provide your car with general maintenance. Need an oil change? We can help? Need your tires rotated? We are the auto service shop to call! Whatever service you need for your car, you can bet we can take care of it. Get in touch with us today at (404) 252-8669 and book an appointment that is convenient for you.

Mercedes Maintenance

To keep your car running as efficiently and smoothly as possible, it will need to get routine maintenance from a professional auto shop. The purpose of maintenance is to not only make sure it’s in great working condition but to extend the life of the car, as well as maintain the value of the car. With exceptional car maintenance, you can guarantee the performance of the car is where it needs to be, but you can save money on Mercedes car repair, protect your car’s warranty, ensure it is safe to drive, protect your investment, and ensure the gas mileage hasn’t been affected. At our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Mercedes auto service shop, our mechanics can make sure that your car is in good shape with our outstanding maintenance service. Let us help you prevent damages to your car and other issues by setting up an appointment for car maintenance. These are some of the maintenance services that we offer.

Mercedes Repair

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Extend the Life of Your Mercedes With Regular Maintenance. Ask About Our Tuneup Service!

A lot of times, car repairs can be avoided when proper maintenance is put into place. Without maintenance, however, you are going to have to get repairs for your car. The reason being that your mechanical and electrical parts will eventually start to wear out and will require service to get them back in working condition. Typically, this is what maintenance is for, but if maintenance is put off, the next step will be car repairs. If you think you need professional Mercedes auto repair, you can call European Service Center for assistance. Our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Mercedes auto service includes repairs, which are able to get your car up and running efficiently. What our auto mechanics do is take a look at your car, inspect every inch of the car, and then diagnose it. Once we know what is wrong, we are able to repair your car good as new. Don’t wait until you are unable to turn your car on, call our Mercedes-Benz repair shop at (404) 252-8669, and we can take care of your Mercedes.

Typical Mercedes Problems

Different makes and models of cars are going to have their own specific problems, including Mercedes. While all cars will have the same basic problems, there are particular issues that car brands have that are specific to their model of cars. If you are noticing that your Mercedes isn’t performing as it once has, you can call a Mercedes-Benz mechanic at our auto shop for help. Our North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Mercedes auto service shop is able to offer high-quality Mercedes-Benz auto repair to get your car running smoothly. 

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Failure

The purpose of the catalytic converter is to convert gas into less harmful gas. The catalytic converter in your car is located in your exhaust system, ensuring that whatever exhaust comes out of your tailpipe isn’t nearly as dangerous as it really is. Mercedes are known for having issues with their catalytic converters, with the most common issues being a clog in the catalytic converter. This can cause problems with the oxygen sensor and the engine, so if your engine is starting to misfire, isn’t accelerating properly, or just isn’t driving smoothly, give us a call at (404) 252-8669 for Mercedes-Benz repair. We have what it takes to find the problem and get it repaired quickly.


Transmission Problems

Our worst nightmare is having issues with our car’s transmission. Without a transmission, your car is unable to run at all. Sadly, this is an issue that is all too common with Mercedes. It’s not the actual transmission that is the problem, it is components within the system that cause the issue. If you hear grinding noises, have fluid leaks, smell something burning, or are grinding your gears, please take your car in for Mercedes transmission repair at European Service Center. Our North Buckhead and Sandy Spring auto service is fast and effective, with the ability to find the issue as soon as possible. Let us repair your car’s transmission by calling us at (404) 252-8669.

Window Regulator

Malfunctioning Window Regulator

Instead of using a lever to roll your window up and down, in newer cars we have the ability to roll down the windows with a touch of a button. All of this is made possible with window regulators, which roll the window up or down whenever you like. While this is very convenient, window regulators can become worn out after a while. This can happen to Mercedes quite a bit, but the good thing is that they are very easy to fix. If your window is stuck and you are unable to roll it up or down, dial (404) 252-8669 to talk with one of our mechanics. We can take a look at the window regulator and see if repairs or a replacement are needed.

Call for a Mercedes Mechanic Today

For local North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Mercedes auto service, call the professionals at European Service Center. We are one of the best authorized Mercedes-Benz repair shops in the area, so when you need maintenance, repairs, or a replacement for your Mercedes, you can count on our team to provide quality service. To book an appointment for your Mercedes, all you have to do is call our office at (404) 252-8669. We are passionate auto mechanics who love cars, and we are ready to help you get your Mercedes driving and performing better than before.