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Have a Volkswagen That You Cherish? Bring it to Our Experts for Seasonal Maintenance!

If you own a Volkswagen, you don’t want to take it to just any auto shop. Volkswagen cars are one of the most exceptional on the market, and because of that, they need to be taken care of by an experienced VW specialist. If your Volkswagen needs auto service in North Buckhead and Sandy Springs, GA, please call European Service Center! We are a professional Volkswagen auto shop who is ready to Volkswagen owners keep their car in great condition. Whether you are needing Volkswagen repair, replacement, or maintenance service, you can rely on us for expert auto service. Our auto mechanics have been in this industry for a long time, so they have the skills and knowledge needed to work on these types of cars. We are passionate about what we do, and we are passionate about working with European car makes and models, including Volkswagen. Whenever you are needing North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service, call our office at (404) 252-8669.

Volkswagen Maintenance Service

As professional mechanics, we know what services your car needs in order to avoid Volkswagen auto repair. The most important car service that is able to do this is maintenance. Car maintenance is effective because it allows certified mechanics to inspect, tune-up, and service your car so that it runs as smoothly as possible. While this is a very important aspect of getting vehicle maintenance, there are other reasons why we wish our clients would get maintenance by an expert VW mechanic. One of the most important reasons to get maintenance for your car is to extend the lifespan of the car. Our cars are an investment, and in order to keep our investment lasting as long as possible, it’s essential to get regular maintenance. Other reasons why car maintenance is important is that it maintains the value of your car, it ensures your car is safe to drive, it protects your warranty, it protects the environment, it makes sure you have good gas mileage, and it saves you money. If you think you need this type of North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service, call our VW repair shop! We can offer these kinds of maintenance services.

Volkswagen Repair Service

Are You Concerned About the Health of Your VW? Take Your Worries to the Friendly ESC Staff!

Whether you need Volkswagen Beetle repair or Volkswagen Jetta repair, we are the experts to call. While car maintenance is the easiest way to avoid getting repairs, sometimes they are needed due to an old or defective part. Although we are never excited about getting Volkswagen car repair, we guarantee to make the experience a whole lot better with our effective and reliable repairs. Our mechanics start by taking a look at your car and determining where the issue lies. Once we diagnose your car, we are able to get to work and repair your car. Our VW repair service is comprehensive, efficient, and incredibly dependable, so when you take your Volkswagen in for our service, you know that it will receive the very best repairs. If for some reason the car part is too damaged and it cannot be repaired, we are able to replace it with a brand-new part. Don’t wait until your car won’t start–call us at (404) 252-8669 for this type of North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service.

Common Volkswagen Problems

Have you noticed that your Volkswagen isn’t driving like it once had? Are there leaks coming from the bottom of the car or are you noticing that it’s hard to steer your car? If you have been experiencing any sort of issue with your car, please call our Volkswagen repair shop for assistance. Because we have been working with Volkswagens for such a long time, we know what to look for. There are certain issues that are specific to certain makes and models of cars, and Volkswagen is no different. Based on the symptoms, a Volkswagen specialist is able to provide your car with services it needs. Get in touch with us today for the best North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service in the area.


Coolant and Oil Leaks

Our cars need a lot of liquid and oil in order to keep it well lubricated as to avoid overheating or parts rubbing against each other and causing grinding noises. The most common liquids in our cars are coolant and oil. Coolant is needed for the engine so it doesn’t overheat, and oil is needed lubricate various parts in the car. One of the most common issues that a Volkswagen develops is coolant and oil leaks. Leaks usually develop due to insufficient oil changes, which can damage many parts in the car like the camshaft seal, water pump, radiator, and valve cover gasket. If you notice leaks, please call a mechanic for Volkswagen at (404) 252-8669 for Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service.


Worn Rotors

Have you noticed that when you brake, your vehicle will start to shake? Is your steering wheel shaking when you get up to a certain speed? If either of these things is affecting your car, the reason has to do with worn rotors. The purpose of the rotors is to stop your car’s wheels from spinning. When there are damages to the rotors, they are unable to stop your wheels. Take your car in at European Service Center and we can perform diagnostic tests to see if the rotors are the issue. This type of Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service will ensure your rotors are in good shape, so call us at (404) 252-8669 to learn more.


Suspension Problems

If you turn your car and you hear clicking noises or you are feeling every single bump you go over in the road, please bring your Volkswagen in for Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service. The reason that your car is exhibiting these types of issues is that of the suspension system. The job of the suspension system is to connect the car and wheels so that they are able to move together. When there are issues with the suspension system like the shock absorbers, tires, or springs, then it can cause your car to pull to one side, make strange noises, and bounce up and down. Put this type of issue to rest by calling us at (404) 252-8669 for repair service.

Call a Volkswagen Mechanic Now

Are you looking for a certified Volkswagen mechanic who is able to maintain, repair, and replace parts in your car? Call the team at European Service Center! We are proud to be one of the local auto shops in the area to offer quality and reliable North Buckhead and Sandy Springs Volkswagen auto service. No matter if you need regular maintenance or a major repair, we are here for you. To work with a passionate Volkswagen mechanic shop who does what it takes to get your Volkswagen back in great condition, call us at (404) 252-8669!