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What’s the difference between our seasoned professionals and other local mechanics, and why does it matter for your Jaguar? Your driving machine requires specialized knowledge and¬†insightful care to function at peak performance. While many mechanics aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of European automobiles, our specialists at the Uptown Dallas Jaguar auto service have years of experience and training with all sorts of European imports.

When you bring your Jaguar into the European Service Center for general maintenance or repairs, you can anticipate outstanding results. We aim for lasting solutions and long-term health for your vehicle, which is why so many Dallas drivers return to us for all their service needs. We’d love to provide care for your beautiful Jaguar! Simply give our team a call at (214) 521-5100 to schedule your appointment.

Total Maintenance Service

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Continued maintenance is the key to impeccable performance from your Jaguar. Without it, your vehicle will slowly decline in efficiency, experience accelerated part failure, and (ultimately) power loss. Our team works to make maintenance checkups as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer so many services at each of our European Service Center locations. These include:

Is your Jaguar experiencing dips in driving performance? Talk with one of our local experts at the Uptown Dallas Jaguar auto service location about your concerns. We’ll find the source of the declining efficiency and mend the damage. You can arrange your visit at (214) 521-5100.

Professional Repair Solutions

There are some situations where maintenance won’t complete address the problem in a vehicle. Part degradation and alignment issues naturally occur over the years, taking a weighty toll on your Jaguar. When this happens, timely repair is essential for mitigating the damage.

Below are some of the most common repairs our specialists provide at the European Service Center. If any of the symptoms we describe sound familiar, your vehicle may be in need of prompt service. Consult with one of our knowledgeable mechanics about your best course of action.


Ignition Coil Replacement

Your ignition system manages the activation of your Jaguar whenever you turn the key. A special sensor detects the movement of the crankshaft and prompts your ignition to spark fuel consumption. One of the most frustrating situations as a Jaguar owner is when your car refuses to start. If the crankshaft is indeed turning, but nothing happens afterwards, your ignition system is likely to blame.

There are certain symptoms that will warn you about oncoming part failure in your ignition. For instance, a dying ignition coil may…

  • Trigger the Check Engine Light or an Error Code
  • Cause Difficulties With Starting the Car
  • Cause the Vehicle to Stall on the Road
  • Produce Lag in Acceleration
  • Cause Backfiring or Engine Misfires
  • Diminish Fuel Economy
  • Produce Black Smoke in the Tailpipe

Replacing the faulty part early on should help you avoid the majority of these problems. If you notice your ignition coil or spark plug are experiencing heavy rusting, malfunctions may not be far away. Talk with one of our European Service Center professionals about fixing or replacing the part.


Air Suspension Repair & Replacement

Air suspension systems are relatively new in the automotive industry. They provide outstanding shock absorption, produce some of the smoothest rides you will ever experience. The downside of these systems is that they have a lot of moving parts, which naturally degrade over time. When one portion of the system fails, the rest takes on the additional stress to handle the vehicle load.

That means when one part of your suspension needs replacement, there’s more potential repairs not far down the road. Given the impressive performance this system provides, many Jaguar owners choose to keep up repairs and maintain their current suspension. Others choose to retrofit their vehicles with traditional spring systems or another alternative.

No matter which suspension system you prefer, our team is happy to support your Jaguar with timely repairs. If you’ve been experiencing increasingly bumpy travel, talk with one of our local professionals at the¬†Uptown Dallas Jaguar auto service center. They’ll discuss your options, so you can make an informed decision.


Automatic Transmission Repair

Have you noticed any difficulties changing out of park, or shifting between higher gears on the highway? If so, your automatic transmission system may be telling you it’s time for service. The transmission system manages gear changes as you accelerate and decelerate on the roadways.

When transmission experiences partial failure, some drivers struggle to accelerate (in a timely manner), which can be very dangerous in high traffic. Others may even have difficulties getting out of park. If you are experiencing either of these unsettling symptoms, our automatic transmission repairs can help return your Jaguar to full functionality. Consult with a professional from our European Service Center about your best options.

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