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Your beautiful Mercedes automobile relies on a precise engineering and a delicate balance of fluids to perform at optimum levels. When this system falls out of balance, you will quickly notice the effects on your driving experience. At the European Service Center, we aim to keep your Mercedes in top condition through seasonal maintenance and timely repairs. We’ve assisted countless local drivers with performance optimization and expert part replacements. Don’t take our word for it though. See what drivers like you have to say about our work in the reviews section!

Have you recently experienced problems with your car’s functionality? Talk with one of our trained professionals at our local Uptown Dallas Mercedes auto service center. We’d be happy to arrange an appointment with you that fits with your schedule. Simply call our staff at (214) 521-5100 to get started!

Mercedes Maintenance Services

Our team at the European Service Center, provides a full suite of maintenance solutions to keep your Mercedes in premium condition. Our services include:

If you need a professional team that can handle an accelerated maintenance schedule, you can depend on our crew at our Uptown Dallas Mercedes auto service. Unlike some local automotive companies, our mechanics specialize in European cars. That means you’ll enjoy service that’s been specifically tailored for your vehicle.

Professional Repair Solutions

A Mercedes After Maintenance

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Of course, our services don’t stop at maintenance. When your Mercedes needs professional care the most, our team will be there to make sure you get the care your machine deserves, plus the outstanding results you crave. Vehicle degradation and part failure may be natural, but our impeccable service is anything but!

Below are some of the common services we provide at the European Service Center. Should any of the symptoms described sound familiar, be sure to take extra caution when navigating the roadways. To learn more about your vehicle’s behavior, or if you need to schedule service, contact us at (214) 521-5100.


Ignition Service and Repair

What’s the most frustrating problem the owner of a high-performance car can encounter? Ignition problems. Our mechanics understand this frustration, which is why we offer specific services to identify and address problems in your ignition system.

There are many signs that could indicate a problem with your ignition. The most obvious is a car that refuses to start, even when the crankshaft is clearly turning. This issue is often caused by a failed sensor that cannot detect the turning of the crankshaft. Engine misfires is another startling side effect of part failure, this time in the spark plug or ignition coil. Besides the startling noise, you may also notice…

  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency
  • Difficulties Accelerating
  • Smoke Emissions From the Tailpipe
  • Check Engine Light Activation
  • Vehicle Stalling on the Roadway

Needless to say, prompt action is critical if you want to avoid severe performance problems.


Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

Healthy brake pads and rotors make the difference between a smooth stop and an alarming jolt. However, brake pads naturally wear down during the thousands of times they apply pressure against the rotors. This leads to the tell-tale screeching noise that indicates the pads need to be replaced.

Occasionally, drivers discover that their brake pads are actually degrading the integrity of the rotors. Some Mercedes owners find that they have to replace their rotors every time their pads expire. This is disconcerting news, because the rotors should last much longer than the brake pads. Thankfully, this problem is typically confined to older (pre-2012) Mercedes models. If you notice unusually strong wear on your rotors, talk with one of our professionals about replacing them.


Automatic Transmission Service and Repair

A smooth shift from low to high gear makes for an exhilarating getaway! That seamless shift is the product of a healthy automatic transmission. As your car goes speeding along the roadways each day, a special mount keeps your transmission system in place. This mount may become degraded over time, which can result in some unpleasant knocking about when accelerating. 

Transmission damage may also result in increasing difficulty with shifting between gears. Some car owners even experience problems with getting out of park. Of course, the more dangerous challenge is accelerating at on the highway when higher gear shifts aren’t functioning properly. If you’ve noticed sluggishness or strange noises occurring as your vehicle changes gears, talk with a member of our team at the Uptown Dallas Mercedes auto service center.

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When you bring your vehicle to our Uptown Dallas Mercedes auto service, you’ll quickly find out why so many drivers rely on us for long-term care. Schedule your convenient appointment today and find out for yourself! Call (214) 521-5100 to get started.