Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Even in luxurious European vehicles designed for performance, driver safety still deserves top priority. That’s why many automotive manufacturers include life-saving technology designed to alert, monitor, and (in some cases) adjust driving patterns. These advanced driver assistance systems have already saved countless lives and prevented thousands of potential high speed collisions on the US roadways.

Our seasoned professionals at the European Service Center offer both initialization and calibration for your ADAS system. If your system isn’t performing according to design, our experts would be happy to assess the problem for you and find the solution. Call one of our Texas or Georgia shops today, or ask about the ADAS system during your next general maintenance visit. You will be thrilled with our results!

What is ADAS?

Your Advanced Driver Assistance System governs many of the latest safety features installed inside your vehicle. Potential functions include both passive and active functions, such as:

  • Blind spot detection
  • Collision warning
  • Lane boundary warnings
  • Night vision object detection
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Lane departure correction
  • Emergency auto-braking
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Adaptive light control
  • Auto parking
  • Adaptive highway cruising and traffic jam controls

Many of these functions come factory-standard, but others require initialization. Some also require the occasional recalibration, especially during maintenance or after an accident. Make sure that your ADAS systems receives the attention it needs by consulting with our experts at the European Service Center.

When Does My System Need Recalibration?

Obviously, you can submit your system for assessment if one of your features (such as parking assistance) stops functioning effectively. Our local shops possess the specialized equipment necessary to support your ADAS systems. In some cases, certain maintenance activities may also necessitate recalibration for your ADAS system. These might include windshield replacement, bumper removal, and brake caliper replacement.

Schedule Your ADAS Services Today!

Not many independent service centers offer these calibration solutions, which is why our trusted experts are so thrilled to support your ADAS system. To learn more about our local solutions for advanced driver assistance systems, talk with one of our courteous professionals at the European Service Center! We can’t wait to serve you.