Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

It is inevitable that your car is going to need a brake pad and rotor replacement at some time during its lifetime. It depends on your driving style and how hard you ride your breaks, but it can also depend on other factors. How do you know your brake pads or brake rotors need replacing?

Failing Brake Pad Symptoms

  • Noise when braking – this the most common sign of worn brake pads. The noise is the pad grinding and causing damage to the brake rotor.
  • Low levels of braking fluid – if the brake pads are worn out, the brake calipers have to exude more force to stop the car, resulting in more brake fluid being used.
  • You have to push harder on the brake pedal
  • Warning lights are on – some cars are equipped with sensors alerting drivers that the brake pads are worn down.

Symptoms of Bad Brake Rotors

  • Car vibrates when braking –  because the brake rotor is warped, the brake pads are not hitting the brake rotor evenly and causing the car to vibrate.
  • Braking noise – this will be a clattering noise because of a warped brake rotor.
  • Harder to stop

If you are experiencing any of the above signs or symptoms, you need to schedule a visit to the European Service Center. Our ASE certified service mechanics have the tools to inspect, diagnose and repair any brake pad or brake rotor issues you may be having.

Warranty, Maintenance, Service & Repair

We strive to earn the trust of our valued customers and win their business for life. At the European Service Center we do not cut corners, and as a Bosch certified repair center, we have achieved a standard that most local shops cannot match. We also offer 120 days same a cash through Bosch financing as well a warranty on our vehicle services. When dropping off your vehicle for maintenance, we understand and appreciate that your time is valuable. Our expert staff will be more than happy to arrange shuttle transportation or Uber service, so you are able to carry on with your day.  We also offer free wireless connectivity should you wish to wait.

Furthermore, we have 35 years of experience in auto repair and maintenance and are so sure of our service that we offer a limited 3 year / 36,000-mile warranty on all our work.