Head Gasket Replacement

The head gasket makes a seal-tight connection between the cylinder head and the engine block. It makes sure leaks out into the wrong places and causes unwanted consequences. They also help make the ideal pressure needed for an efficient combustion process.

Even though modern vehicles have access to steel alloys that withstands extreme heat and pressure, head gaskets are still prone to damage. A damaged or failing head gasket could cause many problems, so what are the signs?

What to Look Out For

  • Engine overheating – if you notice the temperature gauge for your car engine abnormally climbing, it might be because of the head gasket is leaking coolant.
  • Low coolant level – this is connected to the above symptom, but if you noticed that the coolant level is abnormally low, there could be a leak in the head gasket causing it.
  • Heater not working – low coolant levels can cause this which is linked to a leaky head gasket.
  • Check Engine light is on – this is being caused by the engine misfiring due to low engine compression.

It is important to understand why your head gasket failed, or else it will happen again. The highly trained professionals at the European Service Center can help you. Our ASE certified service mechanics have the tools to inspect, diagnose and conduct a head gasket replacement. Schedule a visit today.

Warranty, Maintenance, Service & Repair

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