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Your Premier European Auto Repair Shop in Atlanta Piedmont

Atlanta Piedmont | Buckhead

3097 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30305

(404) 554-4300


Known in 1837 as Calhoun Road, Piedmont avenue shows off its roots by giving you a thoroughfare that lets you enjoy historical Midtown Atlanta along its length. It ends by becoming Piedmont Road and if you have a European vehicle then this is good to know – as you can visit our European Service Center Piedmont Road location!

As a family-owned operation with over 38 years of doing business, we can offer you the very best in preventative maintenance and full-service repair to help keep your European import transportation both sleek and swift. With technicians specially trained to service these imported models, you can cruise Piedmont Avenue and your other favorite locales with confidence!

Cars In Our Atlanta Piedmont Garage For Repair

Here are some examples of cars vehicles we service routinely at this location:

Preventative Maintenance is Not a ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution

One of the things that you learn fast with European imports is that your maintenance requirements to keep your vehicle at its best are going to be a little bit different. This makes perfect sense - Those luxury features and performance perks need regular care, just like anything else in life.

Our technicians at European Service Center at Atlanta Piedmont deal with specialty European imports each and every day, so we’re familiar with preventative maintenance specific to each make and model. Here are a few examples:

  • Porsche – Nothing will sour your day like the appearance of your Porsche warning lights. European Service Center technicians can help you to avoid this and are well aware of the widely-varying service frequency requirements based on your specific model. For instance, while a Porche Boxter or Cayman needs an oil change every 10,000 miles, a 2009-2012 Porsche won’t need it for a whole 30,000. In between those two falls the Porsche 97, which needs intermediate maintenance at the 20,000 mile-mark for things like your oil, cabin air filter, O ring, and brake fluid.
  • Sprinter Vans – Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans are high-performance beauties that need to be maintained and while you might have heard that an oil change is recommended every 20,000 miles, we wouldn’t advise that. Oil contamination can occur at around or just under 7000 miles, so it’s a lot more sensible to get the oil changed at 6000 miles for gas and diesel engine models. Book knowledge is useful, but it doesn’t ace actual experience, and that’s what our technicians are bringing to the table to protect your investment.
  • Jaguar – Let’s not kid ourselves – Jaguars are made for racing, and that kind of power and precision needs to be fine-tuned and maintained. Without proper care, your aluminum-bonded beauty will only be seen in your driveway and where’s the fun in that? At European Service Center you’ll have your own personal ‘pit stop’, so that 5000 mile tasks like checking the oil filter and oil, your tire tread depth, and even granular details like lubing the power antenna won’t get missed. At 15,000 miles, spark plugs should be replaced, wheel bearings need to be greased, the throttle plate needs cleaning and a thorough inspection… you get the idea! We’ll worry about the details so that you won’t have to!
Repair Done Right by Seasoned Service Technicians

Just as your vehicle’s preventive maintenance care needs to be specialized, so should any repair work that you get done. Our technicians have the right training and more importantly, the actual experience needed to maintain these high-end machines. We’re proud to have the knowledge and passion to maintain and care for your European vehicle the way it should be.

European Service Center Atlanta Piedmont FAQ

Does European Service Center Atlanta Piedmont service American Tesla vehicles?

Not currently, but just 23 miles away is our Alpharetta location where you can find full-service and preventative maintenance for your Tesla vehicle. Whether you’re dealing with software issues, routine maintenance, or full-on fender benders, our technicians at the Alpharetta location have the specialized training and experience to get your Tesla shipshape and road-ready.

Why should I choose European Service Center for my preventative maintenance and repair needs?

At European Service Center you’ll have the services of highly-trained professional technicians who not only have the necessary knowledge to do the work, but who are also heavily experienced in working with YOUR EXACT MODEL of car. This makes a huge difference . Oh, did we mention that we’re family owned and operated as well? We are and you’ll be able to tell the second you step into the door. Give us a call and bring your vehicle into us and you can see for yourself – European auto repair isn’t an ‘occasional thing’ for us, it’s where we shine! You can call us at (403)383-9356 or reach out online to get started.


3097 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-554-4300

We are conveniently located on Piedmont and East Places Ferry (Across from Fairfield Inn & Suites)