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Foremost BMW Servicing & Repair Facility in Dallas, Houston & Atlanta

BMW Auto Service

Over the decades no vehicle has redefined luxury more than BMW. An icon on any road, BMWs are known for offering drivers a higher standard of performance, safety and interior amenities. It is also known that BMWs are notorious for their strict and specific service programs. Getting the best your car has to offer means following your car’s maintenance plan. At European Service Center we help drivers throughout Texas and Georgia with quality BMW repairs. With eight shops across two states, we’re the largest independent European auto repair company in the entire United States.

BMW Service from Top to Bottom

Our shops all feature the latest factory grade tools and equipment. Our mechanics are all certified and have years of experience working with European vehicles. This way we can service your BMW with the vital maintenance it needs including:


We stand by our quality and back our repairs with a nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.

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Get More Out of Your BMW

BMWs are known to offer drivers “the ultimate driving experience” but it takes commitment to enjoy that performance. At European Service Center we help you get the most out of your Beemer. We have eight locations across the Atlanta, Houston and Dallas areas:

No matter where you are, affordable European auto services are available! Please call or visit our shop today to schedule your BMW’s next maintenance appointment with one of our mechanics.