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Your Full-Service European Auto Repair Source in Alpharetta


165 Tidwell Dr. Ste. B
Alpharetta, GA 30004

(770) 664-9222


Founded in 1858, Alpharetta has blossomed into one of the best cities to live in Georgia! Boasting a population of over 65,000 residents, it’s obvious that the ‘Technology City of the South’ is the place to be.

One of the perks of living in a city at the cutting edge of tech Is that residents who enjoy owning high-end European automobiles or NextGen American models such as Tesla don’t have to ship them out for repairs. That’s because European Service Center has got you covered!

Porsche Car Repair At Our Garage

Service is available for the following makes and models:

Preventative Maintenance to Maximize Your Mileage

With European vehicles or American NextGen Electric models such as Tesla, you can’t gamble your vehicle’s health on a ‘one size fits all’ maintenance approach. At European Service Center, our technicians know this and are trained and experienced in providing exactly what your chosen vehicle requires to stay at its best. Here are just a few examples of specialized preventative maintenance offerings that these vehicles require and which we can provide:

  • Tesla – Tesla vehicles don’t need a lot of regular maintenance, but they still have some specialized requirements that you ignore at your own peril. Tire rotation, balance, and wheel alignment should be done every 6250 miles or when the treads are 2/32 inch width apart or more. You also need the HEPA filters, brake fluid, and Air Cabin filters maintained every 2 – 4 years depending on the model.
  • MINI –MINI Coopers are a good example of MINI vehicles that require specialized service, with the ideal maintenance occurring every 5000 miles for things like your tire inflation and condition, oil filter replacement, checking the engine filter, and exhaust system inspection. More specialized maintenance includes brake fluid flush and replacement every 30,000 miles, drive belt replacement every 60,000… you get the idea! At European Service Center, we know the right frequency for servicing every component of your MINI so that you won’t have to!
  • BMW – Like the MINI, BMW’s work their best with regular maintenance every 5000 miles, but our technicians also know that your Condition Based Service monitor must also be accessed to identify key areas that might need attention before they can become an issue. You also need to replace the oil filter, engine oil, and coolant every 10,000 miles, and you’ll need new fuel filters every 20,000 miles – it’s all part and parcel of owning one of these beauties. They need specialized care to stay reliable and European Service center can make sure that they are getting it!

These are just 3 models to give you an idea of how care for these vehicles is very make and model focused. Let’s take a look at general repair concerns next so that you can see how they come into play with the kinds of vehicles that we service.

We also offer a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide limited warranty on most services and repairs.

Full-Service Repair from Professionals who KNOW Your Vehicle

With imports or NextGen American electric vehicles like Tesla, a dent or a ding is going to need more attention than you would apply for an everyday American model. At European Service Center, all our technicians know exactly what to check, so you can get your concerns addressed in one visit in most cases and get back on the road with confidence. Below are some examples of specialized repair concerns and to keep things simple, we’ll use the same 3 models we did before:

  • Tesla – With something like a front-end collision, your powertrain battery needs to be fully inspected to ensure that it hasn’t been compromised and another common repair concern is charge capacity. These vehicles often have air suspension as well, which needs to be checked for leaks, and further unique concerns like mobile app connectivity and firmware update issues that could be a real pain in your side if they are not addressed by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Our Alpharetta European Service Center location happens to be one of two of our garages boasting fully-trained Tesla specialists (the other being in Plano, Texas) so you can be assured the job is done RIGHT.
  • MINI – Efficient and ultra-compact, Mini models such as the Cooper have one Achilles heel that our technicians are well aware of – they can sometimes be prone to experiencing coolant leaks. That can lead to engine damage via overheating if it isn’t spotted and dealt with right away. Clutch wear is also common and that fine handling means that your technician needs to keep an eye on suspension health – At European Service Center we know little ins and outs like that in MINI models so that issues won’t sneak up on you down the line.
  • BMW – BMW’s are beautiful and notoriously temperamental if immaculate care is not employed from the get-go. Leaky oil filter gaskets, cooling system issues, or even problems with the door handle are just a few of the regular issues we can make short work of and which European Service Center technicians deal with every day.
European Service Center FAQS

Does the Alpharetta service center also cover drivers from Cummings, John’s Creek, and Roswell?

You bet! If you reside in Cummings, John’s Creek, or Roswell then we’ve definitely got you covered. Give us a call at (770)766-7688 or email us and let us know what you need – We’re more than happy to help!

Why should I choose European Service Center for my preventative maintenance and repair needs?

Family owned and operated for close to 4 decades, European Service Center combines specialized expertise with the friendly service that you simply can’t get from the cookie-cutter business models of larger chains. Give us a try and you can see firsthand the difference that this makes!

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Loaner Car Fleet

We would like to thank MBUSA for their continued support in helping us add 4 new Mercedes GLA’s to our loaner car fleet. European Service Center is committed to providing exceptional service and convenience to our customers by supplying courtesy cars to qualified customers

We are conveniently located on Tidwell Dr and Union Hill Rd.


165 Tidwell Dr. Ste. B
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Phone: 770-664-9222