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Full-Service Repair and Maintenance for Your Ferrari

Nothing turns heads quite like a Ferrari, but the downside is that nothing gets stared at more than one that won’t run! These vehicles are powerful works of art, when you get right down to it, and so they need a level of care that you simply can’t find at just any garage.

Thankfully, European Service Center is ready to help! Family-owned and operated for just shy of 40 years now, we offer high-end expertise with the kind of customer service that you simply can’t get at those larger ‘chain’ operations that treat everyone like a number. 

Preventative Maintenance in Atlanta Keeps Your Ferrari Nimble and FAST
Ferrari Car

Ferrari performance is reliant on maintaining the precision-engineering that goes into each and every model. At European Service Center, you’ll have the advantage of specialists who have not only trained in the latest Ferrari tech, but who have actual experience with your specific model. Below are some examples of preventative maintenance for Ferraris

  • First year maintenance – During your first year of ownership, regular replacement of your oil and brake fluid is vital, and you’ll also want to bleed the calipers, monitor your gear oil and hydraulic fluids, replace your oil filter, and get an overall check for leaks. A visual inspection of your brake discs and pads is also important to see what kind of wear and tear is occurring and what you might need down the line.
  • 12,500 miles – At 12,500 miles, it’s time to check your engine and other vital systems to see how everything is holding up. During this time, you’ll also want to know that the gearbox mounts are good and tight and the auxiliary belt will likely need to be replaced. 
  • 37,500 miles – At 37,5000 miles we’ll need to repeat the 12,500 mile checks and your spark plugs should be replaced now as well. Keep in mind that these recommendations are fairly general – We’ll be making a list of checks tailored to your specific model because anything else is simply not going to cut it with a Ferrari.

We guarantee our services with every visit. We also offer a nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty to further ensure your satisfaction.

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Full-Service Repair from Houston’s Technicians You Can Trust

One of the many perks of going with a shop that specializes in high-end vehicles like your Ferrari is that repairs won’t typically take all week. That’s because we know your vehicle well already, so we can diagnose any problems and fix them the RIGHT way the first time that you visit.

This saves you both time and money and you won’t need to worry about taking your Ferrari home, only to have to return it the next day! Here are some examples of common Ferrari repairs that we deal with on a regular basis:

  • Engine Mounts – Some Ferrari models, such as the 430, added a little extra rubber to help ensure that the engine was cushioned well for a smoother ride. It worked well, right up until the rubber was allowed to deteriorate and then you had a serious problem. At European Service Center, we know little things like this that can hit you hard down the line, so we can help you to avoid them!
  • Worn-down Gaskets – Regular maintenance for your Ferrari includes keeping a close eye on gasket wear and tear. Failure to do so can lead to oil leaks that impact performance and can do a lot of damage to your engine if left unchecked. This is another area where it really pays to have a specialist like our technicians on your side!
  • Brake issues – If you are feeling vibrations lately when using your brakes, then it’s definitely time to bring your Ferrari in to get it looked at. At European Service Center, we know that brake vibrations can be a symptom of a potential brake malfunction down the line and if your console software is glitching, you won’t even get a warning notification. We diagnose and remediate problems like this all of the time, because we know Ferraris and look for these kinds of issues in advance.

Ferrari Preventative Maintenance and Repairs FAQ

How much does maintenance cost on a Ferrari?

It really depends on the model and the year that it was released, but on-average Ferrari owners may spend $1500-$2000 yearly on maintenance and even MORE if they go with a service center that only sees Ferraris on rare occasions.

At European Service Center, Ferraris are one of our specialties, and this can save you a lot of time and money! We can make a preventative maintenance schedule that is geared towards your model and year and if you ever need repairs, we can make your Ferrari whole again in record time!

Do Dallas Ferraris maintain value?

One of the perks of Ferrari ownership is that these vehicles are covered by many around the world, and so they tend to depreciate at a much slower rate than other vehicles. That is, of course, provided that you take care of them!

We can help to ensure that your investment is protected by providing preventative maintenance when you need it and by using our experience to catch small issues before they can become bigger problems down the line.

Why should I choose European Service Center for preventative maintenance and repair on my Ferrari?

At European Service Center we’ve been providing preventative maintenance and repairs on Ferraris for almost 4 decades now and this kind of experience makes a HUGE difference. As an added bonus, we’ve also been family-owned and operated since day 1, so you’ll get our expertise with a whopping side of unparalleled customer service. We have locations in:

Give us a call or contact us online today and we can let you know more about the kind of service we can provide for your specific Ferrari model – You’ll be happy that you did!