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Expert Regular Maintenance and Repairs for Your Maserati

Did you know the trident symbol of the Maserati logo signifies its ultimate power and dominion over the roads it travels? The Maserati was founded in Bologna, Italy, where there is a statue of the Roman God, Neptune, holding his trademark trident. The trident is the symbol of Neptune’s commanding and complete power over all waters—the oceans and the seas! One of the founding Maserati brothers was inspired by this mythos and made the trident the symbol for their car. Indeed, Maseratis own the roads they travel on.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance in Atlanta
Maserati Car

That said, your powerful Maserati does need some tender loving care. You have a beast of a machine. It is no surprise that you will need to put in some concentrated effort into upkeeping your investment.

  • Fluid Checks and Changes: Make sure you keep an eye on the fluids. Your Maserati needs its engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid changed regularly. Create a schedule and put it on your calendar. Then come by our service center, so that we can pamper your Maserati! .
  • Tire Maintenance: When you maintain your tires properly, you increase fuel efficiency, and not to mention your ride is smoother and safer. You’ll need to have your tires inspected on a regular schedule, to make sure they're not balding unevenly. Planned tire rotations will help with that. We can definitely do that for you here at the European Service Center.
  • Battery Care: One of the overlooked parts of any car is its battery. Car owners don’t even realize how important it is to take care of the battery. It is inevitable you’ll find corrosion and gunk on the battery. It is vital that you keep the battery of your Maserati clean, and for safety’s sake, it is best to have a professional do it.

We believe in quality and always guarantee your satisfaction with each visit. We also offer a nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.

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Understanding Maserati Maintenance and Repairs in Dallas

Your Maserati is a high-performance vehicle. However, we want to be honest over here, and guide you toward the best way of maintaining your Maserati. There are some known issues in Maseratis that crop their ugly heads up from time to time.

It’s nothing that we at the European Service Center haven’t seen or cannot handle. The key is to bring your car in the moment you notice anything unusual, like weird noises, a sticky clutch or a faulty electrical system.

  • Transmission and Clutch: If the clutch on your Maserati ever seems sticky, bring it in immediately. Any kind of transmission issue, whether it is excessive noise or grinding of gears, let us know. Whenever any of your MIL (malfunction detector lamp) lights (or the dashboard lights) get activated, you need to pay attention. Addressing issues early on will save you from further damaging your car.
  • Brake System: For a high-speed high-performance car, the braking system needs to be in top notch condition. It is all about safety. Let us check your Maserati’s brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid.
  • Electrical System Check: The electrical system of your maserati is a complex network, which controls several aspects of your vehicle. There are many components to it and consequently any number of features can go wrong. Early detection and tackling the problem quickly is necessary to keep your car functioning at its peak.

There are some things you, as a Maserati owner, need to be aware of.

Maserati Repair and Maintenance FAQs

Why Are Maseratis high-maintenance cars?

Maseratis are high-performance cars. They are made to be driven at high speeds. This causes more than usual wear and tear on the car. So, depending on how you’re using your Maserati, it will require your attention, perhaps more so than your daily driver!

Is it very expensive to maintain a Maserati in Houston?

A Maserati is an expensive car. Naturally all its parts and accessories are proportionately expensive too. Authentic OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are always more expensive than cheap knock-offs. You as a Maserati owner should demand nothing other than OEM parts. At the European Service Center, we only use OEM parts and accessories.

Why am I seeing uneven wear on my Maserati tires?

This is a common issue with Maseratis and certain models are more susceptible to this problem than others. Several factors can cause uneven wear on tires, for example over inflation, underinflation or misaligned wheels. Sometimes a problem with the suspension or steering system can cause this too. Uneven roads and your driving style can contribute to uneven wear. No matter what the reason, a trained mechanic can look at your Maserati and offer you a solution.

How often should I have my Maserati serviced?

Your first service should be at 10,000 miles or one year. Next 20,000 miles or two years. So on and so forth. Basically every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

Why should I choose the European Service Center to maintain and repair my Maserati?

We are trained and certified to service your Maserati. We only use OEM parts and accessories. We also have the right diagnostic tools to catch any problems before they become a big issue. We have locations in:

Call or stop by today and let us take care of your Maserati.