Maserati Check Engine Light Diagnostics
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  • Maserati Check Engine Light Diagnostics

    Posted on July 4, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Maserati is the representation of automotive excellence, and if you own a Maserati, you probably feel great amazing when driving down the road in your car! You would want to do all you can to keep your luxury sports car running smoothly, so you must ensure that you pay attention to your check engine light. This little light is a tell-all to indicate your Maserati has detected a fault in the engine. It will not just go away if ignored long enough.

    What is the Check Engine Light?

    The Maserati is equipped with a sophisticated and high-tech onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD) responsible for monitoring and analyzing the car’s operations. The system receives data from the various sensors in the car, and if an anomaly is detected, the corresponding dashboard indicator light will be illuminated to notify the driver of an error in the system. One such indicator lights and the most important of all is the check engine light.

    What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to Turn On?

    When the check engine light comes on, it means the Maserati has detected a fault in the engine management system. There are numerous faults that could result in the illumination of the check engine light. Some of those faults include; a bad oxygen sensor, a failing mass airflow sensor, damaged spark plugs and wires, faulty ignition coils, electrical or fuel problems in the engine, loose fuel cap, a failing catalytic converter among several others.

    The check engine light has two modes- the steady mode and the blinking mode. A steady indicator light means a minor error is detected, and although you can still drive your Maserati with it, you should try getting it to the mechanic when you can. A blinking check engine light means you should not even consider driving when the light is blinking. It is best to have it towed immediately to a service and repair shop.

    Fixing an Illuminated Check Engine Light

    Considering there are numerous reasons why a check engine light can come on, you will need a professional mechanic to run an accurate diagnosis on your vehicle. To diagnose a check engine light at European Service Center we connect a diagnostic scan reader tool to the sensors to read the diagnostic trouble code registered in the system. The scan tool troubleshoots the system to determine the root of the problem. Once the fault is detected, we will repair or replace the damaged part and reset the trouble codes which will turn off the indicator light.

    The check engine lights were designed to warn you of problems in the system and ignoring the warning light will only cause costly repairs down the road. Always get an illuminated Maserati Check Engine Light looked at immediately.