The Importance Of Regular Brake Maintenance For Your Aston Martin In Houston
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  • The Importance Of Regular Brake Maintenance For Your Aston Martin In Houston

    Posted on May 23, 2024 by europeanseradmin
    Aston Martin Braking System

    The brakes of your Aston Martin not only help you in stopping the vehicle but also play a critical role in the efficient handling of the high-end car. That is why sticking to the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule of your luxury car is very important as it helps in maintaining the brakes.

    However, Aston Martin owners do skip the regular brake maintenance schedule of their cars thus jeopardizing their life & car. Here in this article, we will discuss the importance of regular brake maintenance for your Aston Martin.

    Inspecting Brake Pads & Rotors

    The braking system of your Aston Martin consists of numerous mechanical components and regular inspections ensure that these components function without any issues. During this maintenance schedule, the critical parts of your brake like the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines are inspected by a professional mechanic to rule out any signs of cracks, damage, or corrosion.

    Due to continuous functioning, the brake pads suffer wear and tear and the brake rotors get warped up which adversely affects the functioning of the braking system as a whole. In addition to that, the brake calipers are notorious for seizing up or getting stuck thus making it difficult for you to drive your Aston Martin smoothly.

    In fact, the most dreaded problem is the formation of corrosion in the brake lines as they can lead to complete brake failure which is pretty scary as it can put your life in danger. However, if you are proactive in maintaining the braking system of your vehicle then you can keep these problems at bay & ensure flawless running of your Aston Martin.

    Flushing Brake Fluid

    One of the most important maintenance aspects involving your braking system is flushing the brake fluid of your Aston Martin. Among the various fluids used in your high-end vehicle for its efficient running, the brake fluid holds a distinct place because it builds up the necessary pressure for your brakes to function optimally.

    Often it is observed that due to years of functioning, the brake fluid picks up dirt & debris and gets contaminated and loses its viscosity. Most Aston Martin drivers might not be aware of the effects of contaminated brake fluid on the braking system of their luxury vehicles.

    Due to the dirty brake fluid, you might face brake fade and in the worst case sudden brake failure which can be avoided if you are sticking to the regular brake maintenance schedule of your car. The brake fluid flushing mechanism is very effective in getting rid of contaminants present in your brake fluid.

    Brake fluid flushing forms a very important part of your regular brake maintenance schedule where the certified mechanic flushes the brake fluid to make sure there are no contaminants present in the fluid. The fresh brake fluid added to your Aston Martin would restore the functioning of the brakes.

    Examining The Brake Lines

    The brake lines help in the circulation of the brake fluid throughout the braking system and timely maintenance of the brake lines ensures that your brakes function without any challenge. However, over the years air can ingress into your braking system which adversely affects the functioning of your brakes.

    The presence of air bubbles in your brake lines is the root cause behind the brake pedal feeling soft or spongy when you press it. The bleeding mechanism helps in getting rid of the air bubbles present in your brake lines and also restores the hydraulic pressure in your braking system.

    The certified mechanic attending to your Aston Martin is going to open the bleeder valves present on each brake caliper and the brake fluid along with the air bubbles pass out of the system.

    Upgrading To Performance Brakes

    Now, when you are driving a high-end car like Aston Martin then obviously you would be looking at upgrading your brakes to performance ones as they are a notch above the factory-manufactured ones fitted in your car. That is why going for regular brake maintenance is necessary for luxury car owners.

    The performance brake components are made for sustaining pressure under top-speed conditions making it suitable for your Aston Martin.

    Aston Martin Brake Fluid Change

    European Service Center Will Fix Your Aston Martin

    Now, if you are facing brake system issues in your Aston Martin lately then get in touch with us at European Service Center to get your brakes serviced at our facilities located in Georgia & Texas. Our garage is equipped with the latest tools and equipment that help our ASE-certified mechanics in looking after your luxury cars.

    At European Service Center we are committed to providing your Aston Martin the best of everything it deserves. Call us today to make an appointment and get your high-end car fixed.