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  • MINI Radiator Expansion Tank

    Common Reasons the Radiator Expansion Tank Fails in a Mini in Houston

    Posted on October 15, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    When people buy a Mini model, they buy it to gain fun, powerful, and comfortable rides. Over the years, the Mini brand has provided that and even more. The creators put together several mechanical and electrical parts for the Mini to possess all the best attributes of modern vehicles. These parts can experience natural or unnatural wear and tear and… Read More
  • Mini Cooper Check Engine Light

    Master Technicians to Replace a PCV Valve in a Mini Cooper in Dallas

    Posted on July 31, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve is a one-way valve attached to your vehicle’s crankcase. The crankcase contains motor oil and can be found near the bottom of your engine. The crankcase produces gases when your engine burns fuel. These gases are toxic to the environment, so the ventilation valve was created as part of a clean air emissions system.… Read More
  • MINI Front Radiator Support

    Front Radiator Support Damage In Mini: Know The Causes From The Skilled Mechanics Of Dallas

    Posted on June 5, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    In rear-end collisions, even minor accidents, the front radiator support in Mini Coopers is extremely likely to suffer damage. Damage to the support can ultimately lead to issues with the radiator. A faulty radiator lends itself to overheating, making your vehicle dangerous to drive. To avoid unsafe driving along with expensive repairs, it is essential to take your Mini Read More
  • MINI Bad Motor Mount

    Know When to Replace Your MINI’s Motor Mount in Houston

    Posted on April 6, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Motor mounts, also called engine mounts, are crucial for keeping your MINI‘s engine and transmission securely attached to the subframe. These parts also help absorb shock as the motor vibrates under normal operation. 5 Things That Can Cause Motor Mounts to Go Bad There are a number of things that can cause your motor mounts to deteriorate but listed here… Read More
  • MINI Head Gasket

    The Leading Repair Shop in Atlanta for Replacing the Head Gasket of a Mini

    Posted on December 11, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    MINIs are wonderful vehicles and a delight to drive. Unfortunately, when the head gasket is blown in your MINI, it can keep you off the road for a while, but European Service Center in Atlanta is here to help you get your MINI back up and running. This article will cover how to spot a blown gasket in your MINI… Read More
  • MINI Slipping Clutch

    How To Diagnose a Slipping Clutch in Your MINI in Houston?

    Posted on November 20, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    In April 2020, MINI confirmed that it will be bringing back the manual transmission in its vehicles. Manual transmissions were unavailable in MINIs sold in the United States for a while, but thankfully, the old stick shift is back in action. While automatic transmissions actually do have a form of a clutch, this problem is probably more relevant to those… Read More