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Are you looking for an Audi specialist to take care of your maintenance, repairs, and replacements? The auto shop that you need to call is European Service Center. We are local experts in Duluth Audi auto service, so whether you are needing to get a part repaired or you just need to get an oil change, we are here to help. Because Audi vehicles are exceptional cars, you want to make sure that they get exceptional service. Our auto mechanics have the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable and effective Audi car service, regardless of how minor or major it might be. To get in touch with our mechanics to book an appointment, call our office at (770) 674-3400 today! We are ready to get your Audi back in great shape or ensure its performing the way that it should.

Audi Auto Repair

The Steering Wheel of an Audi

Does Your Owner’s Manual Say it’s Time for Maintenance? Bring Your Audi in for a Tuneup!

When it comes to our day to day lives, we tend to forget that our cars are a big part in how we go about our lives. We are able to get to work, school, run errands, travel, and do all sorts of stuff with the help of our cars. Because of this, we want to be sure they are in the best shape possible. If you have been experiencing a couple of issues with your Audi, do not brush them off. Car problems will only get worse and eventually result in part replacements. If you want to get your car back in excellent condition and avoid having to get part replacements, our team is able to offer Audi repair. We can diagnose your car and determine why the car is having issues. To speak with a mechanic about getting auto service at our Audi certified repair shop, pick up the phone and dial our shop.

Audi Problems

Just like every car off or on the market, Audis are going to have their own set of problems. While we never want to be in a situation where our car is giving us trouble, it can happen and you will need the assistance of someone who can help. Our Audi repair shop is ready to help you and fix any type of issue that your car is having. There are some pretty common issues that can happen to Audis, which includes issues with the fuel cap, oil leaks, oxygen sensor, exhaust gas recirculation, and more. Below are some other issues that are pretty common with Audi and ones we are able to offer professional Audi car repair for. Make an appointment for Duluth Audi auto service today by calling us at (770) 674-3400.

Catalytic Converter

Broken Catalytic Converter

In order to convert gas into less harmful pollutants, your Audi needs a catalytic converter. This is a very important part of your exhaust system, not only because it helps keep the air we breathe cleaner, but because it can help exhaust flow from the exhaust system more easily. The biggest issue that an Audi will have with their catalytic converter is that it will clog. The catalytic converter tends to clog because of a build-up of carbon. If your engine misfires, you are having trouble accelerating, or there is a lot of exhaust coming from your tailpipe, please call us at (770) 674-3400 to get your catalytic converter repaired or replaced. Our auto mechanics can make the issue go away with a simple phone call.


Electrical Parts

While the mechanical parts in our car are very important, so are the electrical parts. The electrical parts in a car are the alternator, starter, battery, as well as your headlights, exterior lights, windshield wipers, and power steering. When those parts don’t work, you will have a hard time operating your car. In an Audi, the most common electrical issues are with the lights and the digital display. If your lights aren’t turning on, your digital display isn’t working, or you have another electrical problem you need fixed, feel free to call us at (770) 674-3400. Our mechanics are not only experienced in repairing and replacing mechanical parts, but they can also repair and replace electrical parts. Pick up the phone and call us today in order to get these problems straightened out.

Spark Plug

Defective Spark Plug

Have you wondered how the engine is able to start and get a car moving? The engine is able to turn on due to the ignition system, but more specifically, the ignition system is able to get the engine working with the help of a spark plug. The job of the spark plug is to deliver a spark the ignition system which will then turn on the engine. There is more that goes into it, but basically, the spark plug is very important to get the engine to turn on. If you are experiencing poor acceleration, you have trouble starting your car, or your engine misfires, you might have an issue with the spark plug. The best thing you can do is call our Duluth Audi auto service shop by dialing (770) 674-3400 and talk with a mechanic about getting your car repaired.

Audi Auto Maintenance

As a car owner, the best thing you can do to protect your car is getting maintenance. Car maintenance is important for many reasons, with the most common reason being that it helps your car stay in good shape. Other reasons that car owners need to consider routine car maintenance is that it extends the life of your car, it maintains the value of your car, and it guarantees that your car is safe to drive. If you are looking for Audi care, call our Duluth Audi auto service shop today. We are able to offer high-quality maintenance in order to keep your car in great shape and avoid getting Audi repair service. There is a wide range of maintenance services that we offer our clients.

Call an Audi Certified Mechanic Now

If you are needing Audi service in Duluth, GA, please call European Service Center for the best Duluth Audi auto service in the area. We know that service for your vehicle can be hard to get done, but it is something that needs to be taken care of in order to protect your car. An Audi mechanic that is assigned to your car will take great care in looking over your car and providing it with the proper diagnosis. Whether it needs maintenance, repairs, or a replacement, you can count on us to provide you with the very best auto service for your Audi. Give us a call today at (770) 674-3400 and make an appointment time that is convenient for you.