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Searching for a trusted European auto shop in Houston, TX? Then you’ve come to the right place! At the European Service Center, we offer a wide selection of maintenance and repair solutions to keep you safe and keep your vehicle at maximum performance. We’ve supported the local community for years with attentive care and outstanding professionalism!

European Service Center | Houston
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European Brands We Support

As the name implies, our team at the European Service Center specializes in maintenance and repairs for the major European car brands. Each of our mechanics is trained and equipped to provide tailored service for your vehicle, which is why we continue to provide impeccable service. If your car is due for a tuneup or repairs, contact our courteous staff at our Houston service center by calling (713) 864-5100.

  • Mercedes Auto Service Keep your Mercedes in top condition with our convenient general maintenance package. You’ll love the results!
  • BMW Auto Service Maintain that exhilarating BMW driving experience with seasonal maintenance from our friendly team at the European Service Center!
  • Land Rover Auto Service Have you noticed an unusual dip in your Land Rover’s superior performance? Speak with one of our helpful Houston service center professionals.
  • Jaguar Auto Service Let our knowledgeable and experienced auto service professionals provide seasonal maintenance for your luxurious Jaguar.
  • Porsche Auto Service Protect your luxurious driving experience with timely maintenance and professional repairs from our seasoned staff at the European Service Center.
  • Audi Auto Service Enjoy maximum driving performance from your Audi? Maintain it with our convenient tuneup package, available at our Houston service center.
  • Volkswagen Auto Service With tailored maintenance services from our seasoned mechanics, you’ll enjoy driving your Volkswagen for many years to come!


European Auto Maintenance

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Keep Your Personal or Commercial Vehicle in Top Condition With Regular Maintenance!

Did you know that your vehicle has a recommended maintenance schedule provide inside the owner’s manual? By following this schedule laid out by the manufacturer, you can avoid most of the part failures and vehicle malfunctions that local drivers struggle with. Our team at the European Service Center would love to do our part to keep your automobile running at peak performance!

What sort of maintenance solutions will you find at our Houston, TX auto shop? 

At the Houston service center, our team understands the significant time and monetary investment you’ve put into your European automobile. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of maintenance solutions, to ensure your vehicle receives the exact care it needs. You’ll appreciate the professionalism and insight of our seasoned mechanics, but you’ll love their results! Be sure to ask about our general maintenance package.

Why Timely Maintenance is Crucial

Continued maintenance is an essential part of protecting your vehicle. The ultimate goal of our preventative services is to safeguard your European automobile from dangerous malfunctions and accelerated part failure. For instance, by changing out worn ignition coils before they fail, our mechanics prevent cylinder misfires within your engine block, dangerous emission changes, and even decreased fuel efficiency.

Timely maintenance is critical for extending the life of your vehicle and defending its value. You’ll enjoy fewer part replacements, which any driver can appreciate. To our staff at the European Service Center however, your continued safety is the most important benefit of continued maintenance. If we can protect our clients from dangerous (and stressful) breakdowns on the roadway, it’s worth the effort!

Protect your vehicle (and yourself) with a seasonal checkup at our Houston service center. Call (713) 864-5100 and schedule a convenient appointment with our friendly team!


Professional Auto Repair

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We Care for Both Modern and Classic European Automobiles! Call Today.

While maintenance will help your vehicle avoid most of the common pitfalls, sometimes maintenance isn’t enough to get a car fully functional again. Whether it’s the result of an accident or many years of accumulated wear, part failure can greatly set back your vehicle’s performance. When that day comes, you’ll want the most reliable (and knowledgeable) mechanics to perform your auto repairs. Our courteous, experienced professionals at the European Service Center are intimately acquainted with European cars and their unique engineering. That’s why we continue to provide outstanding results for local Houston drivers.

Whether you drive an Audi A8 or a Jaguar I-Pace, you can rely on our Houston service center for all your repair needs! We always start with a detailed checkup of the affected areas, so that our team can properly identify the underlying cause of each malfunction. After all, we aim for long-term results, not a quick patch job. When you need repairs in the automatic transmission, engine block, drivetrain, suspension, and/or any other part of your vehicle, give us a call at (713) 864-5100, and schedule your appointment at our Houston service center!

Does My Car Need Repairs?

Many drivers just don’t know when to take their car in for a checkup. After all, there’s no repair schedule conveniently tucked away in your vehicle owner’s guide. That’s why it pays to be familiar with the warning signs your car will exhibit when there’s a problem under the hood (or elsewhere).

How can you know when your car needs immediate service? Look for these common red flags:

  • Your vehicle shakes or shudders violently as you drive.
  • There are noticeable delays when you try to accelerate.
  • Changing out of park becomes increasingly difficult.
  • The car won’t shift into higher gears.
  • The vehicle experiences partial or complete power loss.
  • One or multiple warning lights turn on as you drive.
  • Unusual smells are coming from the engine block.
  • Smoke is coming out of the hood.
  • The tail pipe is emitting dark clouds of exhaust.
  • There are signs of fluid leaks beneath or inside the vehicle.
  • You hear strange sounds as you operate the car.
  • The brakes have a difficult time stopping the vehicle.

If you have encountered any of these symptoms, be sure to consult with one of our European Service Center experts as soon as possible. As the driver of the car, you are the most likely person to realize when the vehicle is acting strangely. Even small malfunctions could have large ramifications for your vehicle’s health. When one part of your engine (your oil pan, for instance) has a problem, the rest of the block may suffer as a result. Timely repairs however, will help car owners protect their vehicle and restore functionality.

Schedule Your European Auto Care!

Come to our Houston service center and see why so many local car owners rely on our professionals for all of their auto care needs! Schedule your convenient appointment by calling (713) 864-5100 and talking with a member of our courteous staff. If you have concerns about the performance of your vehicle, bring it to the specialists with the knowledge and experience to fix it.

We can’t wait to serve you! Feel free to browse through our reviews and see what other drivers have to say about our services.