World’s First Super SUV – The Lamborghini Urus

lamborghini urusWe all know Lamborghinis for their sharp angles, low-to-the-ground profile, and roaring engines. Yet, the Italian supercar manufacturer has jumped into a space that they abandoned back in 1993. The LM002 was the first super SUV to be produced. It was first released in 1986 and had a run until 1993. The clientele were mostly individuals from sandy oil-rich countries, but this new iteration will have a much larger appeal.

Lamborghini is claiming that the Urus is the world’s first super sports utility vehicle (SUV). They must have forgotten about the LM002, or since they claim an inspiration from it, perhaps they view the Urus as an extension of that model. That said, when Porsche decided to build the Cayenne in 2002, it had a surge in sales that continues to this day. People love their SUVs, and they are by far the most popular type of vehicle. For example, the most popular Lexus is their RX300. Every other model is way behind, so we can’t blame Lamborghini for jumping into this lucrative segment of the auto market.

Lamborghini DNA

The Urus definitely has the Lamborghini DNA; its origins are unmistakable. Not only does it look like the legendary Italian supercar, but most importantly it also sounds like it.

It comes equipped with Lamborghini’s Adaptive Network Intelligent Management (ANIMA) which has different settings suited for all kinds of terrains and moods. This is what really makes it a Lamborghini. The system allows you to choose the correct set up that suits you. It has 3 on-road modes: STRADA (Comfort), SPORT (Responsive and Fun), CORSA (Maximum Performance). There are also 3 off-road modes: NEVE(Wet Surfaces), TERRA (Rugged Off-road Surfaces), SABBIA (Sandy Surfaces). There is one final setting, which is named, EGO. This allows the driver to customize their own settings regarding steering, suspension, and traction.

The design is inspired by the classic (1986-1993) Lamborghini SUV, the LM002. The Urus’ designers made sure to include Lamborghini’s signature “Y” design all over the vehicle. It can be found in the grille, headlights, taillights, rims, and even as the holes in the speaker system.

The interior is an amazing experience. Lamborghinis are usually cramped and very low to the ground. The Urus is spacious and sits up high. It almost feels like you are in a cockpit of a jet fighter. Furthermore, there is actually space in the back for passengers with detachable tablets. Moreover, there is actual cargo space to use that can easily fit your golf gear and more.

Lamborghini  Urus Performance

The engine is a V8 twin turbo engine that puts out 650 horsepower with the best weight to power ratio in the entire SUV segment of the market. Focusing and transferring this immense power to the wheels is an 8 gear automatic transmission with a permanent 4-wheel-drive system, sending the Urus to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph; making it the world’s fastest SUV!

That is some amazing performance for an SUV, so it is in need of Lamborghini’s active torque vectoring. The active torque vectoring makes sure this super SUV doesn’t get out of control under any circumstances and performs at an optimal level.

The Urus is equipped with the latest in safety technology, employing a vast array of sensors and cameras to keep the driver aware of all surroundings at all times. So, what’s the starting price of the Lamborghini Urus? The super SUV will set you back over $200K. A very typical price from the Italian carmaker.

The European Service Center has been servicing European vehicles for over 30 years. Our experienced service mechanics have the tools and experience to solve any issue you are having with your Lamborghini. Contact us here or schedule an appointment here.

Lamborghini Suspension and Steering Repair

The Lamborghini brand is known for its engineering excellence especially when it comes to design and technology. Lamborghini engines are rated as one of the best performing engines in the world, a major reason why the brand manufactures engines for racing teams – with the inclusion of Formula One cars. High-end engines aside, Lamborghini’s suspension and steering are a major problem.

The Lamborghini Suspension and Steering System

The suspension and steering system is an integral part of the vehicle. The primary function of the suspension system is to allow for free movement of the car wheels while effectively maintaining the weight of the car to keep it suspended and stable. A conventional suspension system is made up of struts, ball joints, shock absorbers, springs, and tires. The steering system, on the other hand, converts the energy from the rotating motion of the steering wheel to the swiveling of the tires. The steering system is made up of a rack and pinion assembly, steering gear box, pitman arm, idler arm and tie rods.

Signs of a Faulty Suspension and Steering System

Suspension and steering problems pose a major safety risk, and if you suspect a malfunction in the system, you should have your car examined. Warning indicators that your suspension and steering system is faulty include; excessive and persistent noise when driving over bumps or making a turn, wandering or shaking wheels which could cause the vehicle to bounce, poor steering control, uneven wearing of the tires, etc. Essentially, the suspension and steering system is designed to ensure a stable and smooth ride, so if you are experiencing a bumpy and harsh drive, then it may be time to book an appointment with your mechanic.

Fixing a Faulty Suspension and Steering System

To repair a defective suspension and steering system, we will have first to determine the cause of the issue. Numerous issues could cause a suspension and steering problem such as worn out or lose components like shock absorbers and struts, unbalanced wheels, leaking shocks, uneven tire wear, a malfunctioning power steering, etc. Sometimes your suspension and steering problems could also be because of improper wheel alignment. Once we have determined the cause, we will proceed with repairs. The faulty components will get replaced or repaired, depending on the extent of the damage.

Sometimes all your vehicle may require is proper lubrication of the internal components of the system to keep the car running smoothly. If your car isn’t running smoothly because of an alignment problem, we will correct the issue by squaring the vehicle’s wheels and axles such that the steering wheel is centered, and everything is moving in the same direction. Do not take your suspension and steering system for granted, the wearing out of a single component in the system can start a chain reaction that could cause safety hazards in the future. Your Lamborghini is a superior vehicle, and regular maintenance and servicing is the best way of ensuring it stays that way.

Lamborghini Brake and Lamp Inspection

Just like all other automobile brands, your Lamborghini will maintain optimal performance when regularly checked and serviced. Two essential parts that should be properly checked are the brakes and lamp.

Apart from your personal safety as a driver, a routine inspection of the Lamborghini brake and light is also essential for the safety of your passengers and other road users. Think about this: you don’t want to cause harm to yourself and grief to your family. Let this be enough reason to spur you to take your Lamborghini in for brake and lamp inspection quickly.

Possible Reasons Why Lamborghini Brakes and Lights May Malfunction

As a Lamborghini owner, you naturally want your vehicle to stay in optimal performance. Regular checks of both the brake and lights will help to guarantee this as well as help ensure that you drive safely. It is not recommended to drive with a faulty brake system or light as it can cause significant harm to you, your family and others on the road. Most state authorities even have a ban on driving a Lamborghini without functional brake or lights. Several issues may go wrong with the brakes or lights of your Lamborghini. Some of the most popular problems that could affect the efficiency of the brake system include: leaking brake fluids and worn out brakes. Your lighting system will also not function well when issues like a blown fuse, bad bulbs faulty sockets and bad relays occur.

The Required Action

When any of the above-mentioned problems affect your brake system or lights, your best-required action is to drive into our repair shop and we will ensure you are safe to get back on the road again!

We will check and take necessary measure to ensure that all exterior lights and lenses are mounted correct and are properly working.

We’ll inspect to see that your headlight lenses are properly cleared of any obstruction to allow proper adjustment
We will also check your brake system, ensuring that it meets the minimum manufacturer specifications for your vehicle. Some of the parts we will inspect include drums, brake pads, brake rotors, hydraulic systems, shoes etc.

We also inspect and ensure that all your Lamborghini’s brakes and light warning signals are in excellent condition.
If after the inspection, any suspension issue arises that will prevent the vehicle from stopping correctly, we’ll give you the right advice of what our recommended steps be. Our expert team of experienced technicians will gladly take care of all your needs.

Mercedes Power Steering Repair Service

Driving has always been fun particularly when driving in any of the Mercedes series. It has been structured and designed in such a way as to make driving very attractive, fun and easy. The Mercedes power steering has been made to work in such a way that very little effort is needed when aiming at a turn.

To keep this power steering in the right working condition frequently as a driver, you must constantly add fluid to it to enhance the wheel movements of the steering. At this point, drivers would want to ask how they will know when the Mercedes power steering requires fluid. This is simple as a driver when you notice certain unusual noise from the power steering, that is one of the signs it needs fluid. Also, when it begins to feel like a wheel that has been designed to move easily then begins to seem difficult to turn, you need to visit a professional as it could be your power steering belt or simply low in fluids. Constant vibrations or jerking are also a sign of a faulty power steering unit. Low tire pressure or worn-down tires can also cause the jerking. Check the air in your times and have them rotated on schedule.

If you ever experience any of these, it is best to seek the help of professionals to run a check on your Mercedes Power steering and ensure it is in the best working condition. However, if any issues are detected then a repair service may be required to correct as well and provide possible solutions to avoid total damage to the power steering which can fail at any time and result in an unprecedented accident.

Why Do You Need Mercedes Power Steering Repair Service?

The Mercedes power steering repair service can take different forms depending on what fault is being detected. Power steering repair service is needed to:

  • Ensure your Mercedes power steering is in the perfect working condition as it affects the total working condition of the car.
  • To prevent drivers from experiencing difficulties when trying to make sharp and quick turns during driving.
  • A power steering repair service is needed to avoid an accident during driving. This can be caused due to the power steering seizing when attempting to turn or constant jerking and/or vibrations.

The effectiveness of a power steering especially in the case of a Mercedes plays a major role in the ease or otherwise of driving the car. Therefore, power steering repair service is needed to ensure drivers enjoy the fun of driving while ensuring they remain safe from any sort of accident that can harm them.


Mercedes Engine Repair Services

You brushed your car against the parking gate last night and now your bumper has fallen off? Well, you can still drive to work without any trouble. Oh, you have a broken A/C? You’ll sweat, yeah, but it doesn’t jeopardize your safety. Your Mercedes has a faulty engine? Now that is a big deal!  You can’t have a reliable car if your engine lacks proper maintenance.

Your Mercedes shows you off classy and refined however, it takes proper care to keep it working optimally, especially if you must use it often. You don’t have to worry about that anyway – not when we have your back covered in Dallas Texas and the greater Atlanta Georgia area. We’ve served Mercedes owners for over 35 years. You can trust our expert mechanics to restore your Mercedes engine to its peak performance.

Signs Your Engine Needs Repair

You don’t have to wait for minor faults in your engine to develop into big problems that could result in a total engine replacement. Once you begin noticing symptoms of potential problems, stop by the nearest Mercedes repair shop you trust for immediate inspection.

Symptoms may be small, so you want to ignore or hold off on fixing, but that can be risky. Here are signs you should watch out for:

  • Check engine light is on
    • Engine knocking sounds
    • More smoke coming out from the exhaust than is normal.
    • Drop in engine power
    • Drop in fuel efficiency

When you experience any of these symptoms, drive in and we will check your engine quickly. It could be something simple that requires a maintenance engine tune-up or more drastic such as engine repair or replacement.  Timely engine tune-ups are recommended to keep your engine from needing major repairs down the road.

Need Efficient Mercedes Engine Repair Services Near You?

If you live anywhere around Dallas Texas or the greater Atlanta Georgia area then you’re in luck! Our expert Mercedes repair services cover all these areas. We understand how important a working engine is to the functionality of your car and we have trained and employed a team of expert technicians to help you do this at very affordable rates.

We’ll take it as our responsibility to get you back on the road quickly.  We combine the top technicians with the best parts to give you the best repair service.

Mercedes Benz Steering Gearbox Repairs

The Mercedes Benz is an exquisite car. It is the representation of class and sophistication in the automobile world. From their world-class engines to the superior construction of the vehicle, every Mercedes Benz owner is a proud one. Nevertheless, things could go wrong with your Benz and the driving experience may not be as smooth as what you are used to. One of such things that could go wrong and upset its capacity is the Mercedes Benz steering gearbox.

What is a Mercedes Benz Steering Gearbox and How Does One Work?

The steering gearbox is a part of the steering system responsible for causing the wheels of a vehicle to turn and by extension, the car. The steering column connects the steering wheel to the steering gear. When the driver turns the steering wheel, the action turns the gear which in turn causes the pitman arm to turn as well. The turning of the pitman arm prompts a series of actions among the steering components which ends with the turning of the wheels. As such, a faulty steering gearbox could mean a rough and unpleasant drive for your Mercedes Benz.

What Are The Signs Of A Malfunctioning Mercedes Benz Steering Gearbox?

As a function of the responsibility of the steering gearbox, the most apparent sign of a malfunctioning gearbox is difficulty turning the wheels. As soon as the vehicle is in motion, the mechanical faults become apparent. There is also likely to be oil leakage in cases of a faulty gearbox. The mobility of the car will depend on the quantity of the leak. While small leaks may not cause a lot of damage, a considerable pool caused by an oil leak may require a tow truck to move your Benz. Also, the driver may notice a certain degree of looseness when turning the wheel. Depending on the extent of the damage, especially where the mounting bolt is loose, the steering gear could be moving back and forth to produce clanking noises when the car is in motion. Beyond the noise, this movement could cause wear marks in the mounting area if your Mercedes doesn’t get the repair services it requires on time.

Possible Causes of a Malfunctioning Steering Gearbox

As with any other mechanical component of a vehicle, the gearbox will eventually fail from normal wear and tear. Also, low-fluid levels or contaminants in the power steering fluid could shorten the lifespan of the gearbox.

How is a Steering Gearbox Repaired?

If you suspect a faulty steering gearbox as the reason behind a malfunction in your vehicle then it is due for repairs. You can bring in your Mercedes Benz for repairs at any of our repair shops in Dallas Texas or Alpharetta Georgia. Here, we have experienced and certified Mercedes Benz mechanics who will fix your car and have it running as good as new in no time. First off, before we start the Mercedes repairs, we will carry out diagnostic tests to ensure that the origin of the issue is indeed the steering gearbox. The fluid levels and condition will be inspected, the power steering pump, the rack and pinion gear set and essentially all components of the system will be inspected for signs of failure as they usually display similar symptoms when there is a malfunction.

The best repair services for a faulty gearbox is a replacement and that is what we will do. The mechanical components are carefully removed so the gearbox is easily accessible, then the old steering gearbox is simply unbolted from the chassis, removed and replaced with a new and better functioning one. We will also drain and replace the steering fluid as a maintenance service. Manufacturers recommend replacing the gearbox when the car has about 100,000 miles on it. Even if your steering gearbox works fine, it is still advisable that you have it replaced before any failures occur. Additionally, regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle will go a long way in ensuring that you are not making any unnecessary repairs before a component exceeds its lifespan.