4 Reasons Why Your Land Rover's Airbag Warning Light is On in Atlanta
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  • 4 Reasons Why Your Land Rover’s Airbag Warning Light is On in Atlanta

    Posted on March 8, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Airbag Warning Light

    Land Rovers are well known for their safety. You can have confidence in your vehicle when you’re driving a Land Rover. However, if the airbag warning light is illuminated or the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) sign on your dashboard lights up, then safety becomes a concern.

    Airbag repair service is uncommon but necessary at times. Vehicles have on-board computers which monitor the function of the airbag system. This computer will then illuminate a sign on your dashboard if it finds anything faulty. In case of an accident, this sign will indicate that the bags have been deployed, need to be replaced, and the sensors need to be reset.

    However, if there wasn’t an accident but the warning light is still being displayed on the dashboard, you need answers. This can mean there is something wrong with the airbags and they may not properly deploy when necessary. This is a serious concern and should be taken to a professional technician immediately to get checked. Below are four reasons why your airbag warning light could illuminate.

    Depleted Airbag Backup Battery

    The airbag system warning light doesn’t only imply that there’s something wrong with the airbag itself. It may be possible that the backup battery for the airbag is depleted and needs to be checked. Take your vehicle to a specialized mechanic so that they can check the computer and find the cause. If the backup battery is found to be at fault, then they will recharge it and reset the sensor.

    Faulty Sensors

    Sensors can fail or be tripped by accident. They need to be checked and reset. In addition, there could be loose or faulty connections in the wiring with the seats. For example, if your passenger airbag sensor is malfunctioning, then it might not register the weight of a passenger. This means the airbag won’t deploy for that seat. Luckily, this is easily fixed by being checked, repaired, and reset.

    Damaged Airbag Clock Spring and Wet Airbag Module

    The clock spring maintains continuity between the electrical wiring of your vehicle and the driver side airbag. This turns with you as you turn the steering wheel, and it becomes naturally worn out over time.

    Potential airbag failures can happen when the connection becomes poor due to this erosion. Another possibility is if you’ve recently had water damage in your car, then maybe it affected the airbag module underneath the front seats (the driver and/passenger seats). Water can cause the module to short out or corrode. Both of these issues can be repaired by trained mechanics.

    Electronic Malfunction

    As with any system, your Land Rover has a computer system monitoring the health of your vehicle. This computer can detect any electronic malfunctions from various other parts of your car, or the system itself may be faulty. Systems can stop working, they can have bad wiring, or it can be something as simple as a blown fuse. Electronic malfunctions are a crucial safety feature which must get checked immediately.

    European Service Center for Your Airbag Problems

    Gain peace of mind by choosing trustworthy and capable mechanics who are experienced in working with Land Rovers. Bring your vehicle to European Service Center, where we offer specialized professionals with the experience and know-how to handle the sensitive parts of your treasured car.

    Land Rover Airbag Repair

    We will give your Land Rover the quality care it requires so you can drive with confidence and the peace of mind you deserve. We are available for our clients in various locations in Texas and Georgia, and are easily accessed by clients in nearby areas such as Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta, Chamblee, Norcross, Dunwoody, and Buckhead. We give the highest level of quality service possible every time, and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Airbag systems and sensors are vital for the safety and security of the driver and passengers. Please do not take any risks by ignoring illuminated signs on your dashboard. It’s important that the airbags work when they are needed the most.

    Keep your Land Rover safe by getting the repair and diagnostics it needs from well-trained mechanics. Call or come visit European Service Center today for your convenient appointment.