Best Garage in Dallas to Fix Mercedes Benz V12 Engine Issues
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  • Best Garage in Dallas to Fix Mercedes Benz V12 Engine Issues

    Posted on January 4, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    If you are one of the lucky few to drive the Mercedes Benz model of your dreams, you want it firing on all cylinders, and you don’t want anything getting in the way of your driving experience. However, when you’re behind the wheel of a powerful Mercedes high-performance V12 engine, wear and tear can occur quickly without top maintenance practices. In this article, we will look at the common issues V12 engines can face and how to go about fixing them.

    Causes of V12 Engine Trouble

    V12 engines provide outstanding power and performance, but this does come with the drawback of size and weight. In modern motoring, the V8 engine is typically considered to be the large gas-guzzler of the group, firing four times per cycle. The V12, on the other hand, fires six times per cycle. This means that in a V12 engine, all the systems of the combustion cycle need to work in perfect harmony three times faster than the V8. This provides a smoother ride than a V8, but it does mean that when a problem occurs, a more complicated and expensive repair is usually required.

    Misfires in the V12

    The most common issue drivers of a V12 engine face are engine misfires. This can be quickly diagnosed with diagnostic tools like an OBD-II scanner, which can sometimes be a wise investment when driving a luxury car like a Mercedes. However, even sans scanner getting to the heart of the problem can be possible with a little know-how. As a general rule of thumb, you should start with the cheapest and most simple issue, such as spark plugs, and work up more expensive problems such as the fuel pump.

    Fixing Problems: Safety First!

    If you are going to resolve your V12 engine issues at home, you need to make sure you are safe. You’ll need to invest in safety equipment such as goggles and gloves and make sure that you’re confident in the process. If not, you’re much better off stepping back and calling the professionals.

    Check 1: Spark Plugs

    In a V12 engine, there are 12 spark plugs to inspect. You need to check the plugs for signs of wear as well as discoloration. Discoloration signifies a heat issue, which can be a direct result of cylinder problems. If you have covered the miles in your Mercedes, you may want to consider replacing all spark plugs.

    Check 2: Spark Plug Wires

    Once you have checked the spark plugs themselves, it’s time to check their wires. To do this, run your engine with the hood up at night or in a dark garage and look for sparks. In the same conditions, mist them with water and look again. If you notice sparks, then the wires need replacing. If nothing sparks, double check the plugs by turning on the lights and examining them for cracks. You can also check the date listed on the wires. Old wires don’t mean bad wires, but if they’re a few years old, then you may want to switch them out anyway.

    Check 3: Ignition Coils

    Checking ignition coils at home is a lot more complicated than testing and switching the spark plugs and their wires. So if you feel out of your depth, you should visit the professionals. You’ll need special equipment like an ohmmeter/multimeter to test the coils. You will also need specific knowledge of the correct range of ohms for your specific model of Mercedes. If you have tested the coils and found them to be functioning correctly, you need to move on to investigating the fuel system.

    Check 4: Fuel Injectors

    At this point, it really is advisable that you bring your Mercedes to a specialist for full diagnostic work and assessment as working with the fuel system, namely the injectors. This process is tricky, messy, and time-consuming. The fuel injectors will need to be removed and tested and potentially cleaned or replaced. Your trusted mechanic will also inspect other systems to make sure they are working properly.

    Mercedes Benz V12 Engine Issues Check

    European Service Center

    If you want complete peace of mind or simply don’t have the time to undertake diagnostic work, European Service Center is here to help with your maintenance needs. With 8 locations across Georgia and Texas, finding high-quality, affordable Mercedes Benz repair services has never been easier. Call us today.

    * Mercedes-Benz C-Class image credit goes to: y_carfan.